Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Toolkit – Custom Plugin Assemblies Deployment

Expert Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers adore using toolkit in Visual Studio to develop and deploy plugins. The developer toolkit offers exceptional experience while creating a plugin and a framework for user that let him to build and deploy correctly from visual studio. Before this deployment task, you need to install a plugin assembly that was not a product of toolkit or you must own a plugin framework. After that you can follow these initial steps to deploy custom plugins via visual studio. StepĀ 1. Begin with the solution that contains your plugin project. StepĀ 2. Find solution and right click on it. … Continue Reading…

How to Dynamically Create Sub Domains

Have you even seen a website that immediatly assigns you a personal subdomain as soon as you sign up? Sometimes it takes the form of: or something like that. This article will show to how to produce that effect so you can offer this feature to your users.