Data Recovery


Top 5 Factors that Affects the Success of Data Recovery

Do you know why experts highly recommend having a backup of crucial data? It is because data loss can be distressing. It can put your reputation at risk and in the worst scenario; your business may come to a halt. No, doubt the data recovery option is always available, but what’s difficult in staying at the top of your backup schedules? It doesn’t even cost much. So, to prevent yourself from the damaging consequences of data loss, take backups whenever and wherever you can. Nowadays, data is the blood of the consumer and business. Storage solutions continue to be a …

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Common Data Recovery Scams and Proven Ways to Avoid Them

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, scammers have wormed their way into IT services and support. Technology has made life a lot easier. Billions of people, industries, and governments rely on tech for almost everything these days – from computers to IoT devices to medical equipment. When there’s an unexpected power interruption or internet service disruption, countless people can’t seem to work or entertain themselves. Life grinds to a halt when technology stops working, and many feel helpless that they can’t check their email, post on social media, or play their favorite video game. Scammers take advantage of people’s …

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Review of Recoverit Free Data Recovery Software

Do you often need to deal with the situation when you lose your vital data accidentally or because of someone else’s mistake? Don’t worry! The data recovery software will definitely provide you a great helping hand in such a situation. Whether you have lost data due to partition or corrupted device, data recovery software has got a perfect solution to your problem. If you are looking for free Data recovery software that will get you out of multiple data loss situations then Free Data Recovery Software by Recoverit can be an ideal choice. Go through the following review to know …

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How to Remove Data from Old Smartphone So No One Can Recover It After Selling?

The prospect of getting a new phone is definitely exciting. But what do you do when the market rates of the new smartphones tend to give you a fever? Well, you might think of giving up the idea of purchasing it all together, but that’s not a potent solution. A wise thing would be to plan out effectively and set a budget beyond which you will not exceed the new gadget in your life. Or better still; think of season sales, discounts and offers- all of which will help you get hold of the new phone at feasible rates. Alternatively, …

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10 Best Ways to Protect Your Business Against Cyber-Attacks

No one can deny the looming threat of cybercrime. The importance of data security and the rise of cyber-attacks would seem to be inevitable. It given the advances in the technology of recent decades. In 2017, data surpassed oil to become the world’s most valuable resource, with many industries becoming increasingly dependent on big data and analytics. Data is one of the most important, if not the most important asset for businesses to protect from cyber-attacks. There are more opportunities for cybercriminals to penetrate the barriers and access sensitive data. This can take place through various means, and the result …

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7 Smart Ways to Optimize Data Security at the Workplace

Businesses have a lot of confidential information because most of the businesses, whether small or big, deal with sensitive customer information, employee records and a lot more. Breaches in data disrupt the basic operations of a business. It damages a business’ reputation which can cost millions of dollars. There are many cybercriminals which don’t only stalk your data but also try their best to hack it. Big and small businesses should take proactive measures to protect their data at a workplace — to avoid any glitches in systems. Here are 7 smart ways to optimize data security in the workplace. Two-Factor Authentication …

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How Data Protection Changes Affect Small Businesses?

Data protection is often overlooked by small businesses. However, in 2018 a renewed focus has been put on data protection policies, and there have been changes made that could negatively impact a small business if they are found to be noncompliant. If you run a small business and haven’t given much thought to data protection in the past, it’s time to invest in resources that can help in this area. Here are some interesting facts about data protection and how changes in this area affect small businesses. Small Businesses are at Risk While big businesses may have more information to …

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How to Build a Successful Data Strategy – A 7 Step Guide

Having a carefully crafted data strategy is now more important than ever before; with so much data being produced every hour and a vast array of tools available to use it to your advantage, it’s essential that your whole team is on the same page. With this in mind here are the steps you need to take to put together an effective data strategy for your company. First… Why It’s Important There are several reasons why a data strategy is becoming so essential for today’s businesses. Firstly, it allows your company to be as agile as possible, and this is …

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Cryptography Privacy Data Encryption

Data Encryption: What is Encryption? Types of Encryption and Security!

Data encryption is the process of converting information (electronic) into a form which is unreadable using different ciphers and algorithms. Back in the days, this process was used for passing government and military information but as the time passed by and as the normal public started uploaded personal information online, the need for such security came into existence for the masses. Many web browsers are able to self-encrypt text while connecting to a secure server. If your URL starts with ‘https’, it means you are on a secure encrypted website (Hypertext Transfer Protocol, Secure). If the site that you are …

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5 Easiest Tips to Free Up Disk Space in Windows 10

Windows systems are used to perform numerous tasks seamlessly. Further, you use these systems to store abundant data on it. While these machines are meant to perform seamlessly while offering you a considerable amount of storage space, it may start displaying certain performance issues after a period of time. If you are facing performance issues on your system due to over occupied and cluttered disk space then it’s time to free up or recover disk space on your Windows 10 system. 1. Use Storage Sense to Delete Junk Files: You can use Storage Sense feature on your Windows 10 system …

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