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3 Ways Web Developers Can Protect Their Intellectual Property

If you’ve been developing websites for any length of time, you’ve probably created some snippets or chunks of reusable code including HTML, CSS, or maybe even classes and modules. If you’re developing on a platform like WordPress or using any kind of template system (like Smarty templates), then having this reusable code is your lifeblood. Without it, your projects would take forever. Because you work so hard to create your code, often spending hours refining it until it’s a usable framework for your projects, it can be disheartening and upsetting when a client makes a copy of their website and …

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Tools & Tips to Deal with your Stolen Content (Plagiarism)

The internet space is ruled by content, and hence the quote “Content is King”. It typically attracts a large number of people, which in turn establishes and popularises brands, increases visibility, engagement, and organic and social leads. That is the power of written words. No wonder then many unscrupulous entities rob high ranking and lucrative content for their own benefits. This form of thievery is also called “Plagiarism” where text-based information, graphics, infographics, and ideas are simply copied and passed off as one’s own. Content-theft has turned into an epidemic. You need to make sure you protect your rights, rank, …

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