Best eCommerce Store Color Combination for Better Conversions

No doubt, any online store aims to thrive in a highly competitive business environment. As a rule, the aims of a website are not restricted to engaging visitors and ensuring their retention. The most important thing is to convert your visitors to buyers. And such directing them to action can and should be done through very subtle things like color output and typography at your site. In other words, don’t underestimate colors when it comes to eCommerce. No doubt, a … Continue Reading…


Color Guide in Online Marketing – The Meaning of Colors

The Psychology of Colors is very important in Marketing and in everyday life because it is fundamental to understand the meaning of colors and how we can use a certain color for our benefit. Colors are powerful and directly influence producers and consumers. In the general context about colors, you can use any information or study that can bring references about the psychology, behaviors, sensations, and habits of the human being in relation to colors. Further on you can filter … Continue Reading…

10 Most Useful Color Tools for Web Designers

10 Most Useful Color Tools for Web Designers

When starting a new project, one of the first things you need to do is define your color palette. If you feel uninspired and would like to easily test your color options, you can benefit from various color tools from around the web that will help you to quickly and efficiently create your color themes. Here’s a selection of top 10 web-based color tools to help you make great color choices that perfectly fit your projects. 1. Adobe Color CC … Continue Reading…

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