A Short but Comprehensive Guide About IP & CCTV Cameras

We should not forget that the world we live in is getting more centralized, modern, technical and more fragile to hidden risks. Because of our desire to always be more efficient, convenient and smooth, we aggravate the organic nature of our environment and increase our vulnerability to hidden risks. Some of the most common hidden risks today include drug use, drug trafficking, identity theft, and contraband distribution. Fortunately, we have some ways to assuage the situation, increase our defenses and make the environments we live in significantly safer. One of the most effective ways we can do it with the … Continue Reading…

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5 Answers that You Should Know While Buying a Surveillance Camera!

In recent times, the need of surveillance cameras has just changed from a ‘want’ to a ‘necessity’. Today, every business owner is smart enough to apprehend that it is better to invest in the finest surveillance system available on the market shelves as opposed to filing a complaint of a break-in, running after the criminals, and then, taking the case to the court of law. However, while deciding on a surveillance system, a lot of questions are likely to inundate you. Well, no need to fear! We have narrowed down those questions and have prepared answers for them in order … Continue Reading…

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Top 5 Best Selling IP Cameras on EverBuying

Today, in this article, I am discussing on 5 feature-rich IP cameras which are really good and performing pretty well. I hope this can be very helpful for those who are planning to purchase an IP camera for their home or small office. 1. Sricam SP012: is a Wi-Fi mini camera with a special automatic IR LED illumination night vision functionality which is super easy to handle. The recorded footage of this camera can be viewed from any computer, iPhone, and from any android smartphones. This can be very hassle-free IP camera where you will not need any DDNS and … Continue Reading…