7 Occupations Irreplaceable by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A large number of Americans would jump at the opportunity to do something else for a living. Going through the motions of performing the same tasks every single day of the work week for what feels like an eternity can get pretty boring. These days, we rely on frequent stimulation and tend to lose focus without it. As businesses and industries count on our manpower to sustain profits and keep growing, human beings are indispensable to the economy. So where would the global conglomerates and multi-national brands be without the power of the common workforce? It is not as if …

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4 Ways Cloud Technology Can Improve HR Management

Technology is an integral part of business success. Every department from HR to Finances will benefit from the correct use of technology – it helps departments be more productive and cost-effective. In today’s world of technology, the go-to technology is cloud computing. For the HR department, cloud computing can provide improvements that ripple across the business. In the latest Global HR Technology Survey by PwC, businesses showed their commitment to implement cloud technologies across the HR department. Overall, 73% of businesses had migrated their HR processes to the cloud in 2017. This number is going to continue its upward projector, …

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Top 5 Things You Need to Succeed as a Freelancer

So, you are reading this post because you want to become a freelancer. You have given a thought on what you want to freelance in, have acquired couple of important email contacts and even bought yourself some cool shorts that look great with your slippers. So, you are all set to dump your 9-to-5 job and get cracking on your first freelance project? “Wrong!!!” One of the biggest myth about freelancing is that you sit at home and freelance projects come to you but the truth is that you have to fight hard for it. According to Upwork and the …

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6 Reasons for Passing the Cisco CCNA Certification Exam

The main question for the candidates before they decide to take the certification exams –Why should I earn the CCNA Routing & Switching certification? As a Cisco CCNA R&S certified specialist, you get a number of benefits that will enhance both your expertise level and your mean salary (it ranges from $260,000 to $920,000). But this is a small part of benefits offered by this certificate. Below are some reasons why you should attain this Cisco credential. 1) Worldwide Recognition The CCNA Routing and Switching certification have a worldwide recognition that gives it greater value. This is due to the …

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Role and Responsibilities of Salesforce Consultants

Salesforce CRM is a most prized possession for any organization. Today customer data or information is unique and most important for any organization and it is the CRM which holds each and every information of their customer and can suggest the future prospects as well. There are many CRM platforms in the market but the reason behind the success of Salesforce is its customization feature. Salesforce CRM can be customized by anyone as per his requirement and the team goals. Salesforce is popular just due to its features and customization. This article covers following points. Most of the organizations which …

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3 Things You Should You Know About Python & Python Developer Salary

Today, in a technology-driven world, programming is a high demand skill. Considering a growing need for coders, almost everyone wants to become one. However, this idea might turn out quite tricky for employers. Thus, when looking for a perfect developer, check out Python developer salary experience and the best hiring strategies. Due to its simplicity, basically anyone can download a Python tutorial and start learning one, but it doesn’t mean that this coder will be able to meet all your needs. History of Python Python is one of the languages behind the software being already some software generations old. Dating …

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Latest Internet Marketing Jobs Trends (Especially in India)

The internet marketing industry in India has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. It has reached its present worth $68 billion and is expected to observe an even higher growth in the coming years. It goes without saying that as this industry has expanded hugely, so have the career opportunities in this domain. In fact, a recent report has revealed that digital marketers were the most sought-after marketing professionals in 2015 as well as 2016 and they continue to remain on top in 2017 as well. Moreover, the fast-changing dynamics of internet marketing has not only …

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Career Opportunities in the eSports Industry (Infographic)

Career Opportunities in the eSports Industry (Infographic)

Are you looking for a career in an exciting new industry that’s set to become the lucrative job market of the future? The eSports industry is growing at an exponential rate to present opportunities for candidates from all fields. The industry is built around video gaming that is played online competitively, with these games streamed online to thousands of viewers across the globe. This industry not only offers exposure to the latest technologies worldwide but presents new possibilities for remote work, part-time opportunities, and high-end salaries. The tech-savvy workers among us will have no trouble fitting into the industry’s typical …

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Top 10 Tips for Becoming a Successful Web Designer

Web-designers have become a need now in this modern day and age. Every business needs a web-designer to design their websites and maintain them throughout. Given the importance of digital presence in day and age, businesses look for competent professionals to carry out their work. In today’s recession-crippled job market, it is pretty difficult to maintain your reputation as a good web designer. Surely there are some secret techniques which can accelerate your reputation in the market. Here are top ten tips every web designer must follow to reach the pinnacles of success: 1) Be competitive Having a competitive mindset …

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What is Microsoft SQL Certification? Which is Right for You?

SQL is the popular user abbreviation for the Structured query language. This is the language for relational databases. A number of database platforms employ SQL. However, every platform will have to choose the exact SQL to employ.  This is where the variations make a difference. The syntax for two different database platforms, Microsoft SQL and MySQL, are different. These are the two most popular database platforms in the word of the web today. Of course, you have to remember that, once you pick one for use, you will find it very tough to switch over to the other.  This happens because …

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