WordPress Speed SEO Optimization

7 Ways to Optimize WordPress for Site Speed & SEO

In this article, I will discuss the 7 ways to optimize a WordPress website to improve speed and SEO. These 7 ways can make your website much more improved, faster, search engine friendly and also much more advanced. I always try to follow all these 7 techniques and it always gives me better results. In this particular website, we are also using 6 out of these 7 techniques and getting great results. 1. Using a well-optimized theme: The theme always is the most vital section for optimizing your website. There are thousands of free themes as well as available for …

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Optimize WordPress Page Speed

How to Optimize Page Speed of a WordPress Website

Increasing a WordPress website speed is necessary owing to numerous reasons such as increased search engine rankings, the number of site visitors, and enhanced online reputation besides maintaining unique brand identity. Here are the important techniques in which a WordPress website speed could be increased. 1. Prefer a Good Web Hosting Service Provider Though a number of shared hosting providers are available to host websites, it is necessary that you prefer WordPress host powered with a WP Engine for your web hosting requirements as it guarantees maximum stability. Know more about WP Engine for WordPress hosting to ensure speed and …

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Faster eCommerce Websites – Crucial for Increasing Sales

Do you get frustrated with time-consuming page loading or a slow eCommerce website response? Of course yes! We all have faced slow page loading response several times when we visited internet world, especially online shopping sites. But did you ever give it a thought that it might result to a dip for sales? In the present scenario where eCommerce is taking the front seat with racing speed, slow sites are considered as the silent killer of online businesses. To meet the targeted profits and customers base, faster sites are priorities of every merchant, especially for those big eCommerce stores with …

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