The Role of Facebook Behind the Rise of Donald Trump as President

A few months ago, when the campaigning for the presidential election was going on across the states, Mark Zuckerberg shared some thoughts that indicated he doesn’t like the newly elected president Donald Trump. He said, In fact, he was so much against the concept of deporting the immigrants and building the wall at Mexico border that he clearly stated, Zuckerberg loves freedom of speech Seeing such remarks, you may say that Mark is truly a liberal person. He may want a country where people can live freely without any fear of racism and enjoy the freedom of speech. However, no matter …

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Buzzwords Set to Take Technology Over in 2016

With technology developing and changing as quickly as it does, it becomes difficult to keep track of what’s hot from year to year. Every year hot topics take the spotlight, forcing the previous year’s topics out of the way. 2016 is not different. This year a number of technology buzzwords are set to take over your news feeds, signaling a shift in direction and popularity of technology trends. So what are the hottest trends in tech that what we will be discussing for the remainder of the year? This list comprises a few familiar terms along with a few not-so-familiar …

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