How to Build a Responsive WordPress Theme with Bootstrap

In order to build a WordPress responsive theme using bootstrap, you need not know how to write code. All you need are basic skills like knowing how to access the WordPress dashboard and adding plugins or pages. Bootstrap is ideal for you if you are looking to build a responsive site that looks great on different screen sizes, especially on handheld mobile devices. Below we look at step by step WordPress theme development with bootstrap: Preliminary Steps There are some …

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Premium WordPress Themes from TemplateMonster

Nowadays there are tons of technologies for building awesome websites. Every day web developers experiment with them uniting and isolating only the best things, and that’s exactly how WordPress was united with Bootstrap. Both guys have proven to be the best of their kind, that’s why uniting them was a matter of time. Due to Bootstrap WordPress themes have become more stylish and the code became pretty straightforward and easy to comprehend. Guys from TemplateMonster have come a bit forward …

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