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RSMonials FAQ – (Scroller Module Not Displaying Anything)

Extension Name: RS-Monials Scroller Module | From: Josep Ma. Balbas Josep Ma. Balbas: Hello, My RSMonials Scroller module has stopped working after I published a new testimonial in one of my website. But it is working perfectly after I published the same testimonial in my another website. I don’t understand what happened, I didn’t modify anything else! Could you help me please ? Support Team:¬†Thank you for your email. We have reviewed your websites. Actually the problem is the “Apostrophe” …

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FAQ – RSMonials (Empty Page in Front End)

Extension Name: RS-Monials | From: Dominique Joubert Dominique Joubert: I am trying New version of RS-Monials (2.0) extension with Joomla V1.7.5, and I Just get an empty page from the menu item where this compoent is called??? ( no code at all when checking with firebug…) my template is JA travel from joomlart. Thank you for any help Support Team:¬†Thanks for your email. We will surely help you. Is it possible to provide us the super admin login details of …

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