Blackberry OS 10

5 Tips to Design High Performance Mobile User Experiences

5 Tips to Design High Performance Mobile User Experiences

The excellent user experiences with a mobile application are the natural expectations of any user. Although various contributors exist for the mobile user experiences, performance is a crucial one among the all. Of course, performance comes through various means for a mobile app, but mobile app design is the primary one and vital step to deliver high-performance user experiences. Unlike static, big sister computing devices, mobile devices are unique in use cases, forms, OS, and connectivity. These all factors ultimately are posting constraints in designing performance for a mobile application. Performance Design Influencers Mobile app developers have limited arsenals to …

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Blackberry Q10

Blackberry Q10 – Features & Specifications Review

Blackberry is the juicy mobile product from RIM (Research-In-Motion) and there is no doubt that this gadget has reined the mobile handset market for some time. Blackberry has brought revolution in QWERTY keyboard with its feather-touch keypad. Of late, for various obvious reasons, Blackberry has lost its charm and edge over other Smartphone models. But the undying attitude exhibited by the developers has brought out a new model called Blackberry Q10 which features the famous QWERTY keypad. It appears that RIM is feeling sentimental about keypad as the touch-screen Blackberry models with virtual keypads have not done well in the …

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