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WordPress Translation Plugins – Make your Site Multilingual

You probably get asked about translation on your website, which is definitely not a surprise. The increasing competition in the market has made multilingual website the need of the hour. A multilingual website allows you to reach a wider market and drive an increasing number of prospects to your website. One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to make your website multilingual is through a WordPress translation plugin. As a matter of fact, WordPress plugins have not only made a web developers’ life easier but also made it convenient for website owners to build a fully functional website without burning …

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20 WordPress Conversion Optimization Plugins

20 WordPress Conversion Optimization Plugins

When a digital marketer builds a website, he’s always guided by clear goals for each and every page. Once you understand what every single page stands for, and how it contributes to the overall goal of your business, you stand a better chance of measuring its success and improving specific elements of that particular page. Your business goal could be anything from lead generation to sales, customer support, branding, or product advertising. If it’s your priority to maximize conversion rates across your WordPress site, we have compiled here a list of top WordPress plugins for analytics and split testing, landing …

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Best WordPress File Upload Plugins

Best WordPress File Upload Plugins

Today, the reach of internet is increasing towards billions of people across the world. Now, the internet is not limited in its use as a medium of enhancing knowledge, social relationship, business and more. It has developed as a popular and economic medium of gaining popularity throughout the world. Today, to do such things, there is a need of a website, which will give access to information to all people. By the use of internet, we can serve to the people of different cultures, regions, backgrounds, arts, countries etc. Blogging is no hole and corner policy to gain popularity over …

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Best Free Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

12 Best Free Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

Are you a blogger? Are you facing issues like “Low Page Views” and “High Bounce Rate”? Are your website or blog is powered by WordPress? For all above questions, if the answer is ‘YES’, then this article may help you to overcome your problems. As a blogger you are already writing and publishing great article in your website. All of your website readers are appreciating the quality of your content. Still your analytics report showing ‘High Bounce Rate’ & ‘Low Page Views’. This kind of situation is quite frustrating and can be nightmare for you. This is happened due to lack …

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25+ Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builder Plugins

20+ Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builder Plugins

WordPress Page Builder Plugins are a very useful tool to design attractive looking, feature-rich and user-friendly WordPress pages with minimum efforts. You can able to create professional looking pages without writing a single line of HTML or CSS code. So, if you have minimum knowledge of HTML and CSS, then the WordPress Page Builder plugins are the best solution for you. Using the easy ‘Drag and Drop’ features of Page Builders you can design any kind of page very easily and efficiently. Page Builder plugins come with some easy-to-use modules (i.e. Image module, Testimonial module, Call to Action module, Slideshow …

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9 Most Useful WordPress Plugins for Beginners

When I purchased my domain name to access, I had one wish was to have access to thousands of plug-ins that would make my blog super functional, I do not regret this choice, however, it is clear that in terms of SEO, you have to be reasonable about the number of plugins you use. The more you put, the more your site will be slower. So we will see some of the essential WordPress plugins and then, you can choose whether you will use them or not! 1. Akismet Akismet handles unwanted comments. At first, when you don’t have …

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Best Wordpress Plugins

5 Top WordPress Plugins to Get You a Mobile Compatible Website

Smartphones and mobile devices have become an integral part of our life. A large percentage of people now use their mobile phones or tablet devices for the browsing purpose. With more and more people making use of cell phones to go online or access information, it is extremely crucial for you to have a WordPress powered website which also caters to the growing needs of the mobile users. Otherwise, you’ll end up missing huge opportunities for generating leads. In this post, we are going to discuss about some relevant plugins that are available to make your site optimized for the …

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WP Super Cache & It’s Optimal Settings

You check out lists of ‘must have’ WordPress plugins across various blogs, you’ll find one thing in common. Each list would have a caching plugin in it. They are unavoidable. WordPress users have a variety of caching plugins to choose from. One of the most popular one is WP Super Cache. Other prominent ones are W3 Total Cache, Hyper Cache etc. Most of these caching plugins are free ones. Before going any further, let us learn some basic facts about caching process and its uses. What is Caching? Why is it important? How do you think a blog/website loads on …

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Best Wordpress Plugins

30 Must Have WordPress Plugins to Use on 2014-15

The last decade saw WordPress conquering the position of the top CMS (Content Management System) platform and becoming nothing short of the most popular blogging system – right now, the platform is used by almost 20% of the top industry websites. Thanks to its ease of use, WordPress has served many as the best solution for setting up their websites and managing their content. WordPress is flexible as well, and extendable – there’s a wealth of WordPress plugins out there waiting to be downloaded and implemented for the success of your website. It’s safe to say that its excellent plugin …

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Best Wordpress Plugins

5 Best WordPress Plugins for your Website / Blog

Introduction (5 Best WordPress Plugins): WordPress is the top favored tool for outsource blogging and websites content management platform. This being open source software, it is most susceptible for spamming, broken links, etc. To manage your content smartly and effortlessly we suggest helpful plug-in to optimize your work. They allow you to modify and customize your control over the software so that you retain laser focus over producing quality content. Here we list down 5 glitches experienced with this software and the plug-ins to get rid of it. Akismet :: Best WordPress Plugins #01 Annoyed by Spamming: This nuisance is …

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