Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional Review – All You Need to Know

Losing data is a big headache when it includes important work files because once lost, it is not a simple task to recover it. In mobile phones, it is quite easy to recover the lost data, but in case of desktops and laptops, it is the most difficult task. One needs to take the devices to a service station and get it done, which is a highly chargeable process and also consumes much of the time. In this scenario, the … Continue Reading…


The Effectiveness of Data Recovery Software You May Not Know

A hard drive or server that is connected to a computer can easily crash without showing any sign. At this moment, you will have to employ the usage of free recovery tools found on the internet. Since the market has many versions, verifying this software is good for choosing the right package for your situation. There are some issues you need to bear in mind while testing the effectiveness of these programs. How Reliable is the Utility? Most versions available … Continue Reading…


Backup your Website using Backup Pro – A Backup Tool for your CMS

Keeping a regular backup of our website’s files and the database is a crucially important task. But doing it manually day after day is an unbearable task; it’s much better to have a tool that can automatically take regular backups for us. This, obviously, saves lots of our valuable time and also gives peace of mind. If your website is running in WordPress, ExpressionEngine (2 or 3), Craft CMS, PrestaShop, or Concrete5, here is a tool that has the ability … Continue Reading…

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