AI Artificial Intelligence Aided Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence Aided Machine Learning – The Future of Reality

Humanity’s great passion since times immemorial has been to shape everything in the surrounding into a reflection of the self or an extension of the capabilities. First, there were simple tools, serving to accentuate the capabilities of the hands; later, crude machines built to do the work of many people, or at least ease the work of one, came into existence. In the modern era, humanity is en route to a revolution: machines that have intelligence on par with that … Continue Reading…


Top 5 Mobile Marketing Automation Tools for your Marketing Strategies

A mobile application is your golden ticket to reaching a vast audience. Nowadays, smartphones have gone beyond just being useful tools for communication. They are a valuable source of information and entertainment for their users. So, opening a marketing tap here will generate you an impressive new wave of prospective clients. However, before applying your mobile marketing strategies, you should accessorize them with some intuitive marketing automation features. These will help you collect insights about your mobile users and automate … Continue Reading…


Workflow vs BPM: Which is the Best Business Automation Tool?

A business owner sets up an organization to create a unique brand value in its specific niche. For the desired organizational goals, you need to follow some robust measures that will take the visibility and popularity of your business to the next level. You should think out the ways to improve your firm’s efficiency and productivity using advanced technologies. Therefore, most of the businesses are making the use of Workflow automation and Business Process Management software that will help them … Continue Reading…

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