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Software Development: What is a Hook? Let’s Know About Few Types of Hook.

What is a Hook? In software development, Hooking is a concept that allows modifying the behavior of a program. It’s the chance that code gives you to change the original behavior of something without changing your code of the corresponding class. This is done by overwriting the hook methods. This type of implementation is very useful in the case of adding new functionalities to applications, also facilitating the communication between the other processes and messages of the system. Hooks tend to … Continue Reading…


How to Setup S3 and FTP – The New Way to Upload/Download Data

Businesses love the way of software outsourcing as they can get maximum benefits from it. In today’s time, no one has enough time to invest in the job for which the person has acquired low or zero skills. Just like businessman, who knows how to do business but has lack of IT skills to secure their data on cloud. In this blog, we will share tutorial to set up S3 and FTP that will help businesses to store their data via … Continue Reading…


How to Bulk Load Data from Text File to Big Data Hadoop HBase Table?

Here we are introducing the process of bulk loading of data from text file using HBase java client API. The worldwide Hadoop development community will learn in this post about bulk loading and when to use it and how its process is looks like. We are introducing bulk loading of data using HBase bulk load feature using HBase java client API. Bulk Loading: HBase gives us random, real-time, read/write access to Big Data, generally we try to load data to HBase … Continue Reading…

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