Android Security Vulnerabilities


Privacy Concerns as Android Users are Giving Away Too Much Information

Privacy is becoming an increasingly prominent concern for us all. Until relatively recently, online privacy was a niche subject only of interest to academics and cybersecurity professionals. However, the explosion in popularity of social media and the growing influence that the biggest tech companies have over daily lives has bought the importance of digital privacy firmly into focus. There are two main prongs to the current privacy debate. The first is the way that the custodians of our data, such as big social media and tech companies, conduct themselves. This is a complicated issue given that most of these businesses …

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Smartphone Security: How to Avoid Smartphone Hackers

In 2016, it was estimated that roughly 2.1 Billion people around the world use smartphones. As you can imagine, those numbers are only set to increase with more and more countries developing and beginning to offer smartphones in their country. It is said that by 2020, there will be 2.87 billion people worldwide with smartphones ( As the increase in smartphone users rises so does the amount of theft and harassment from hackers. Hackers are finding innovative ways to tap into your personal information, and the worst part, they are doing it without you even knowing it. Having your personal …

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Important Android Security Vulnerabilities to Keep your Eye On

The Android security system is one of the much debated topics of today. Are they secured enough? Should you have some extra security apps installed on them? The truth is that the security system on androids is quite strong. It has a multiple layers of protection and keeps malware away. It asks for your permission before doing almost anything. So, one of the most important things with Android security is to be careful when giving it permission to do something. Yet again, there are some things that you have absolutely no control of. Some security breaches can happen due to …

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