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Why Are Website Analytics Important for Web Design, SEO & Marketing?

The idea of making use of website analytics can be intimidating, especially to first-time site owners. Data analysis just sounds menacing, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Lucky for us, website analytics are quite straightforward. With a little bit of self-education, it easy to interpret and leverage to our advantage. Whether you are a site owner and are curious about why you should start implementing a sound data-based approach to your strategy, or are getting your first site off the ground and want to make sure you’re maximizing your chances for success, below are some of the reasons …

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How to Do a SWOT Analysis for Your Small Business?

Running a business is not easy! From marketing and sales to the management of employees, there are endless things that require your attention. To run a successful business, it is important for the business owner to think strategically and have a vision. They need detailed business insights to create an effective business plan. Strategic business planning provides a roadmap to achieve your business goals. When it comes to business planning, thinking outside the box is necessary. The aim of every business is to stand out from its competitors, increase customer base and sales. Increase in revenue results in an increase …

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Avoid Common UX Mistakes in Responsive Web Design

Most designers often delay in seeking the users’ feedbacks at early stages. In fact, they opt for suggestions after completion of the project that often delivers damaging results. Developing a responsive web design relies on survey as well as market research and behavior research that help in planning the designing strategies. Beginning the research in the end makes no sense at all. Market research collects data based on users’ opinions, whereas behavior research observes the actual performance of the products or services in the markets. The behavior research is also called ‘listening to the heart approach’. Therefore, developers looking for …

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