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Addressing the Safety Concerns of 3D Printing with Metal

Since their inception, 3D printers have made a huge impact in the world of industrial manufacturing. Metal 3D printing is especially popular for creating industrial-grade prototypes and end-use mechanical parts. However, just like any other manufacturing process, several questions of safety have risen in regards to 3D printing using metals. While there may not be the immediate cause of the alarm, it’s always a good idea to maintain safety standards that will help in preventing possible related health issues in … Continue Reading…


15 Best 3D Printing Software you should opt for

There are tens and hundreds of 3D printing software out there in the market. While many are expensive and burn a huge hole in the pocket there some which are free and offer amazing features. Mentioned below are fifteen 3D printing applications. 1. FreeCAD The two features which make FreeCad unique are; value based object development   and modular designing approach. While the former simply means designs are build along certain user fed parameters which can be easily edited via timeline … Continue Reading…

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