How 3D Printer Works? The Practical Uses of 3D Printers!

New to the world of 3D printing? Then the ride ahead is going to be quite fun for you. Since its inception in the 1980s, 3D printing has come a long way both in the rapid evolution of the technology and also in wider application across industries. It was initially developed as additive manufacturing to aid prototypes. Today, from tooling aids to functional prototypes, 3D printing is being used in industrial and even everyday life as end parts. Surge in popularity The baseline is always cost. Technologies which are cost-effective and accessible, find many new applications, and enter wider outreach. …

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Will 3D Animation End the Tide for 2D Animation? Let’s Find Out!

We can find examples of 2D animation and 3D animation practically wherever we look. And the credit for this miraculous achievement must be given to the versatility that animation has achieved in recent times, the flair to capture our imagination, provide an impactful visual experience, and portray things both in real and fictional ways that are almost impossible to achieve otherwise. 2D animation is the oldest method of animation that has existed since the late 1800s. But, 2D animation has only become popular from around the last 40 years. Whereas, the high-end and sophisticated technology of 3D has made a …

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How to Use 3D Modeling in Business Promotion & Advertising?

Perhaps we’ve all heard of the old adage, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’; and indeed it rings true, to this day. While there’s no demeaning the power of words, but from the advertising approach, it’s a tad difficult to be more expressive other than pictures. In addition to pictures, there are options galore- videos, illustrations and such; all of which render considerable influence in the highly coveted industry called marketing. And here the concept comes about 3D Modeling. The gradual move from photos and videos to 3D modeling While pictures and videos offer an idea about how the …

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Android TV Boxes

5 Awesome Android TV Boxes on GearBest

Today I will be reviewing 5 Android TV boxes which you can get to buy from GearBest. These 5 TV boxes are doing pretty well in the market and they are quite reasonable also. Let’s see what we find in and why peoples are appreciating these TV boxes. 1) Beelink MiniMXIII: is something more than a regular streaming box. This particular TV box has the KODI media center which will help you to play almost all types of popular audio and video formats. The RAM and the ROM you will get in this TV box is 2GB and 16GB respectively …

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Virtual Reality

5 New and Promising Virtual Reality VR Glasses on GearBest

Here I am listing 5 new and at the same time very promising virtual reality glasses. Any of these 5 products are very interesting to have on our latest gadget lists. So to gather information on these newly launched VR glasses can prove to be very beneficiary to all of us. So without wasting much time, let’s proceed toward the full details of these VR glasses which I am sure can draw up your attentions for giving a try. 1. RITECH RIEM3 Plus 3D VR Glasses: The lens of is made up with professional aspheric eyeglass lenses. This lens is …

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3d printing 3 dimention 3d model

Addressing the Safety Concerns of 3D Printing with Metal

Since their inception, 3D printers have made a huge impact in the world of industrial manufacturing. Metal 3D printing is especially popular for creating industrial-grade prototypes and end-use mechanical parts. However, just like any other manufacturing process, several questions of safety have risen in regards to 3D printing using metals. While there may not be the immediate cause of the alarm, it’s always a good idea to maintain safety standards that will help in preventing possible related health issues in the long run. Metal 3D printers are popularly used to create industrial prototypes and mechanical parts as well as 3D …

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Virtual Reality Glasses

Top 5 Trending Virtual Reality Glasses on GearBest

Virtual reality glass is a product which will give you the pleasure of watching videos or TV when you are in a mobile status. That means you can connect your smartphone to this virtual reality glass and can enjoy watching your videos from anywhere you want, without sitting in front of TV. Gearbest again has brought to us five amazing products from their huge collection available on their site. The latest addition is in the which is very much in trends we all know. They are claiming their products are better from other reality glasses. So, let’s now concentrate on …

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15 Excellent 3D Printing Software You Should Opt For

There are tens and hundreds of 3D printing software out there in the market. While many are expensive and burn a huge hole in the pocket there some which are free and offer amazing features. Mentioned below are fifteen 3D printing applications. 1. FreeCAD The two features which make FreeCad unique are; value-based object development and modular designing approach. While the former simply means designs are built along with certain user fed parameters which can be easily edited via timeline or history the latter allows modelers to create extended objects which are stackable. FreeCad can also read and write several …

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Role Of Animation Engineering In different Motions

Role of Animation Engineering in Different Motions

Animation is the constant demonstration of a series of images to generate a fantasy of movements. Animations are usually presented in some common methods like motion pictures, or video programs, but there are not only these two methods. There are many other methods that are using for animation. But when the word animation come into our mind these two methods are automatically comes in our memory. These methods are usually accomplished with the help of cameras, projectors or even with the computer screen that quickly cycle the images in an orderly sequence. The animations are usually made on the paper …

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