How Solar Technology Can Drive the Future? Let’s Find Out!

We’re all aware of the hardships our planet is going through because of the ongoing climate change crisis. Carbon emissions are on a high rise as all our resources are depleting with our incompetent dependency on fossil fuels. In light of this issue, a lot of homeowners have decided to move to solar systems for homes instead of depending on power and energy generated through fossil fuels. There are a number of advantages that you can enjoy as you convert to renewable energy and install solar panels. Solar power for homes also helps you increase your property’s resale value.

The invention of solar cells was a turning point in history as the photoelectric effect was observed. The satellites in our atmosphere are also laid with solar cells that enable them to stay up there so easily. With recent technological developments, installing panels laid with these solar cells has picked up momentum and is very well sought after. There is a constant shift visible with many homeowners switching to solar panels to make their homes environmentally friendly. The usage of these solar panels helps you save a good amount of money in terms of avoiding electricity bills, being planet friendly, and increasing the resale value or value in general of your home.

In the attempt to shift to a better energy source and help the environment, residential solar panel systems are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. In this article, we will discuss how switching to solar energy can prove beneficial for you and your home and help you make a conscious effort to contribute to the well-being of our planet.

Why should you switch to solar now?


A 1.5-kilowatt solar photovoltaic system can be put to use in order to prevent about 2 tonnes of carbon emissions from being released every year. This sentence fathoms why solar panels are the future and why people should install it in their homes.

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Affordable & cost-friendly

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An Australian household can enjoy multiple benefits with the installation of solar panels. In the last five years, the cost of solar paneling has decreased by a whopping 75%, all thanks to our technological advancements and abundance in the global manufacturing market. With the decrease in price, the size of a single residential solar system has almost doubled. This means that your typical usage of 1-2 KWs has now changed to 4-5 KWs, giving you a good amount that can be saved through reduced electricity bills.

Best time to go solar now

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The average cost of solar power in Australia has hit an all-time low. The expense incurred through the usage of solar panels is now lesser than that of retail grid power prices. On the other hand, energy prices are soaring high and are expected to go even higher. So if you’re under the impression that solar power prices could go even lower and it’s better to wait it out, this decision could turn out to be a poor one as it does not make sense financially.

Low on maintenance

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Solar panels require very little to no maintenance. It is said that the best you need to do is make sure that you get the panels cleaned once a year. There is no unwanted stress of having to deal with rusting, replacements, or even maintenance. According to most experts, cleaning these panels is not required. Especially high-performance solar panels can continue to function efficiently even when dirty.

However, it is advised to do a full electrical inspection every few years for residential solar power systems. Usually, solar panels have a warranty of about 10-20 years and if your system belongs to a good brand, it is sure to be resistant to harsh conditions and still function effectively. Once your panels are installed, you don’t have to worry about the installation since there are no moving parts. Only the inverter requires to be checked and replaced and that too after 10-15 years. This also may not cost much since brands offer inverter warranty for almost 10-20 years.

Increase reliability & value of your house 

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With the green climate increasing in Australia, installing solar panels and having a house that functions on solar power will put your property on top of the list if you ever decide to sell. If you want to switch to solar power systems for your home, installing panels does not take a long time and it will make your house look more attractive when presented to potential buyers. You don’t have to worry about the typical odd-looking rectangular pieces of solar panels. Things have changed now and the market provides great aesthetic solar panel solutions in the form of shingles, canopies, and mounted panels that can preserve the traditional look of your house and also make it eco-friendly.

A survey by Origin Energy claims that 77% of Australians believe that a house with a solar power system is more reliable and valued than a traditional one. The survey also revealed that 57% of homeowners would be willing to pay $10,000 more for a house powered by solar energy.

A guide to managing solar energy systems


It’s no longer about how to install, how to take care of it, and all that jazz when it comes to residential solar power systems. We’re in the early era of smart solar power solutions that can enable you to make a decision through the click of a button, from your phone, when you aren’t even home!

Control your energy consumption through home automation and load management

Home automation lets you control your electrical appliances and energy consumption through the internet. So essentially, a homeowner could be in control of their energy consumption even if they’re not home. Similarly, load management helps reduce the demand for electricity during peak hours to help reduce costs.

As we can see, solar power systems have come a long way and offer solutions that help you not only in saving money further by reducing costs, but also helps you to make sure that the energy generated does not go to waste. Home automation and load management are going to be the two most important aspects of solar power systems. Currently, not many are keeping a track of how much energy is produced and where it must be used. The smart solar system will have to get smarter in order to make electrical home usage smarter. Automated breakers will be needed in the future as they feed power to the homes. So, if there is a power outage when you are away from your home, you can control which loads get power. For this, a main load panel retrofit is needed with a smart electrical panel and smart breakers.

Why you should install smart electricity panels?

When reducing your carbon footprint is a priority, installing a solar power system for your residence is a go-to option. This helps you to reduce your monthly bills and not exploit the depleting fossil fuels. As we discussed, the solar industry is now entering a smart solar power market with increased investments. The addition of a smart electrical panel has been gaining momentum since this panel can let homeowners manage their electrical loads when they’re away through their smartphones. Span, Lumin, and Leviton are some companies that are leading the industry with the production of such smart electrical panels.

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Solar battery backup system 

Even though you will be enjoying some great benefits by converting to solar energy, power outages are something that you still won’t be able to escape. For situations like these, it is recommended for households to have a whole house solar battery backup system. This will help your refrigerators and some power outlets run even during the time of power outages. These solar battery backup systems also help reduce electricity costs through custom discharge profiles that send power back to the grid when it is unnecessary and the most beneficial to the homeowner and also help and prevent the use of diesel generators or gas that is environmentally unfriendly.

Government subsidies & incentives make solar power affordable


Residents of Australia are encouraged to install residential solar power systems by the Australian Government. The Australian Government does so by offering financial incentives to these homeowners by providing them STCs (Small Scale Technology Certificates). STCs are a part of the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Target to help the nation reduce its carbon footprint and reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. They intend to encourage electricity generation through renewable sources. If you’re an Australian resident, check with your solar panel installer to know more about STCs.

Solar power built-in products as the decisive contributor to the energy supply


Solar power street lights, solar-powered portable power banks, solar-powered power stations, solar-powered cameras, solar-powered trailers, solar-powered phone chargers, solar-powered motion sensor lights, solar-powered inverters, solar-powered irrigation systems, the list just goes on and on and on. It is now being integrated into different products that we humans use in our day-to-day life. Solar power definitely proving to be beneficial for us and our environment. It is predicted by many experts that solar energy will become the main process of generating electricity in the future and completely change our energy structure and solve the problem of energy shortage.

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Solar energy is the future


Solar energy is the future of our world. Slowly the world is switching from its traditional non-renewable sources to a renewable and mindful choices. The emissions of harmful gases impose threats with such grave danger that we, as residents on Earth, should not doubt the decision to switch to solar power. The demand for electricity is ever increasing and this alternative should soon be used as the main source of energy, especially in countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, or India that receive abundant sunlight.

Technological and financial innovation has introduced us to renewables and put them under the spotlight. The resulting transformation in the future will help solve the energy crisis, help with energy savings, help create jobs, and reduce carbon emissions. It’s time to invest in solar now!

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