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Recently I was scrolling many websites for purchasing some action cameras for some of my friends who are going for an adventure tour. I was looking for some durable and reasonable cameras. And my eyes got stuck towards some good collections of actions and sports video cameras on EverBuying. Without much delay, I have ordered total 3 cameras and I will receive those soon.

And if you are also like me, who are also planning to buy one sport or action video camera, my article today might prove useful for you all guys. I have picked 5 great sports and action video cameras among them, which I personally felt very impressive and awesome to have.

1) Elephone Elecam 360:


Elecam 360 is the first one and it is from the brand called Elephone. It consists an LCD screen of 0.96 inches with a screen resolution of 128×64. The total dimension of this video camera is 2.36 x 1.93 x 1.26 inches.

The focal length of the lens is 1.1mm with the good quality video and image resolution. The maximum video resolution is 1920 x 960 P (30fps) and the maximum image resolution you will get is 3008 x 1504 pixels. In this camera, there are 220 x 220 degrees panoramic lenses with 360 degrees video shooting capacity, which can make any pictures complete.

This camera is compatible with both iOS 7.0 and above & Android 4.2 and above. That means you can control this camera from your Android phone or iPhone using the provided app. The maximum capacity of external memory card you can use is up to 32GB. The removable type battery comes with a capacity of 1500mAh. You can expect approx. 1 hour of video shooting time in the maximum resolution.

The weight of this camera is just 120 grams and the regular price for this camera is approximately around $140.00. But on or before 5th September 2016, you can purchase it at a discounted price of $128.99 by using this Coupon code: “EL36AC”.

Buy Elecam 360 from EverBuying

2) H8R 4K Action Camera:


H8R 4K is a sports video camera comes with an LCD screen of 2.0 inches. The overall dimension of this camera is 2.28 x 1.57 x 0.79 inches. The camera is having a 12-megapixel sensor with 170-degree wide-angle shooting options. You can shoot 4K videos on it at a 30fps rate. The maximum image resolution you can get 4608 x 2592 pixels while clicking on 12 megapixels. The overall camera quality is good enough for capturing anything on high quality.

This camera is also having inbuilt Wi-Fi of a range up to 30m which is quite suitable to connect it with your Android 4.4 or iOS 9 devices (or higher). It also comes with a 2.4G remote controller which you can use from a distance up to 20m and can use underwater up to 3m. You will also get a waterproof housing case for covering up your camera that can be usable underwater up to 20m.

The battery is removable and its capacity is 1050mAh. It can charge fully within 2 hours and it can shoot continuous 4K (30fps) video for around 50 minutes. It supports an external card up to 32GB.

The total weight of this camera is just 69 grams. The regular price of this camera is around $83.00. But using this Coupon code “EBH8R7” you can avail it at just $77.79. Please remember, the coupon code is only valid until 5th September 2016.

Buy H8R 4K from EverBuying

3) SJCAM M20:


In SJCAM M20 you will get a 1.5-inch live view LCD display with 166-degree adjustable field of view to set the viewing angle to wide, normal or narrow. You will get 16-megapixel sensors for this action camera which can capable of shooting 4K (24fps) videos and capture images up to 4608 x 3456 pixels.

The maximum external card it can support up to 32 GB. This camera also comes with built-in Gyrometer, anti-shake and G-sensor including motion detector.

The weight of this camera is just 54 grams and the overall dimension is 2.13 x 1.57 x 1.14 inches. The battery is removable and its capacity is 800mAh. Overall you will get around 65 minutes of working time with Wi-Fi on and around 75 minutes by keeping the Wi-Fi off.

The price of this camera is approximately around $120.00. But currently, you can avail it at a discounted price of just $92.99 by using this Coupon code: “EBSJCAM”. Don’t forget, the coupon code is only valid until 5th September 2016.

Buy SJCAM M20 from EverBuying

4) Cube 360:


Cube 360 is a very reasonable action camera in terms of quality it is offering. It is a 360 x 190-degree panoramic camera, which is very good for shooting even in dead angle area. It is very small in size and also very easy to handle even with just one hand.

The maximum video resolution it supports is 1280 x 1024 at 28fps. This camera comes with built-in Wi-Fi to be connected with your smartphone. It has 4 types of recording modes (i.e. hemispherical, circular, segmentation and panorama) that can be controlled from the smartphone also.

This action camera is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. It comes with a built-in battery of 1300mAh. The total working time you can expect around 180 minutes on the maximum resolution by keeping the Wi-Fi off.

The overall dimension of this camera is 1.65 x 1.65 x 1.89 inches and its weight is just 77 grams, very light weight to handle. The regular price of this camera is quite reasonable, below $65.00. But for now using this Coupon code “EBE36AC” you can get it at $56.99. The coupon code is only valid until 5th September 2016.

Buy Cube 360 from EverBuying



SOOCOO G1 is a super-mini sports action camera which can stick on any surfaces for mounting. The camera is having 8.0 megapixels CMOS image sensor which are commendable. It has built-in Wi-Fi which can be used within 10 meters. You can shoot full HD 1080P (30fps) videos, quite good from such a mini sports action camera.

The remote button you will get with this action camera is of 2.4GHz which will cover 50m of distance very easily without any disturbances. You will also get a built-in microphone in this action camera that can help you to capture voice also. It can support micro SD card up to 32GB.

Its weight is just 54 grams, of course, you can judge that very easily looking towards its size and all. The overall dimension of the camera is 1.57 x 1.38 x 1.69 inches. The built-in battery used in this camera is of 1100mAh capacity. You can very comfortably use it for 2 hours to shoot videos at 1080P (30fps).

The price of this mini camera is already very reasonable; you can get it below $60.00. But using this Coupon code “EBG1MN” you can get it at a cheaper price of just $51.99. Make sure, the coupon code is only valid till 5th September 2016.

Buy SOOCOO G1 from EverBuying


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The above 5 sports action camera really impressed me a lot, so I thought of sharing them with you if it can help you in any way. As per the features, you are getting at such a reasonable cost, each camera is a steal. EverBuying is really doing a good job to make these cameras available not only for hi-end customers but for general users. You can definitely try them for your personal use.

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