Role of Animation Engineering in Different Motions

Animation is the constant demonstration of a series of images to generate a fantasy of movements. Animations are usually presented in some common methods like motion pictures, or video programs, but there are not only these two methods. There are many other methods that are using for animation. But when the word animation come into our mind these two methods are automatically comes in our memory. These methods are usually accomplished with the help of cameras, projectors or even with the computer screen that quickly cycle the images in an orderly sequence. The animations are usually made on the paper with the help of hand art, computer created images or 3D (three-dimensional stuff) like combination of techniques and clay or puppet objects. In making these images the concern is to make a sequence among each scene or environment. Like when the objects are draw on paper or on computer the present situation have to relate it with the previous one, so that, the objects can show a flow when combine them together. The screening mechanism presents these images in swift string, usually 24, 25, or 30 frames per second.

Different types of techniques have been used by the people to animate different things. Behind every animation or invention imagination plays the basic role. Animator has to bring its imagination on to the paper before doing any animation. Any new character can be brought to the lime light by sketching on to the paper. From paper, different techniques or technologies can be used to bring that onto the computer.

With the evolution of the technology animation has evolved as well. Firstly, traditional animation techniques have been in practice by different animators. This technique has been in practice during the 20th century films. A single object can be used to add effect and different camera simulations have been in practice. Films like The Lion King and Aladdin are the most common example of this kind of animation.

Stop-motion animation has been the next kind of animation technique that has been practiced during the last century or earlier years of this century. Animation that has been created by physically manipulating the existent objects to create illusion movement has been in practice. Puppet animation and Silhouette animation are the most common examples of stop-motion.

Animation has moved and evolved over the period of time and computer aided technique has give this form a new look. 2D and 3D animations are being made to give animation a new look.
2D animations are being created and/or edited with the help of computers. Still photographs can also be converted into animations and form is known as GIF. 2D animations are also being made using different computer animation like flash and PowerPoint. Vector based graphics or bitmap images are also a form of 2D animations.

With the evolution of 3rd dimension in mathematics, animation has got a new look and feel. Virtual and imaginative world has got a new look with this dimension. A geometric mesh of thing has paved the way to 3D object or 3D environment.

Different films are being made on 3D effects and have provided a totally new look to the animation world. With this evolution of animation, it is being implemented in every form and field of the society and has been successful at every point. Animated help is being provided to engineers, doctors, teachers and businessmen and has shown very positive effects. It has attracted every field and every society member towards it.

Different types of software’s have been in practice and are being practiced by different animators. For 2D animation, Adobe After Effects, Flash Professional and SWISH max are the most common used software’s To draw different shapes to be used in 2D animations free hand and adobe illustrator has been used by different animators.

Similarly, different kinds of software’s have been in practice by different animators and film makers. Anima8or, 3DS max and MAYA are the most commonly used 3D animation software’s Different kinds of complete animated films are being made with the use of these 3D animated software’s

Different kinds of special effects can be added to the objects that are being created using these 2D and 3D software’s Light effect, mechanical effect and optical effects have been in practice by different animators to produce these effects.

Animation techniques are very helpful for engineers to describe the complex and complicated information in an animated way. It attracts the people and also involves them in understanding the complicated problems and projects of the engineering. Animation is a simple but a powerful tool. It helps people in every field to communicate with the customers, suppliers, market management, and sales management areas in easier and simpler way by using animations. Not only it helps student in briefing their projects but it makes teaching techniques more attractive by introducing the animation tool. The visualization has more sturdy impacts on the teaching process. It helps as the problem solving methods when no analytical methods help in understanding the complex topics then animation helps students and teachers both. It is a vast technique that helps in making different projects, slides and other tools to demonstrate the ideas. Animations are made by different soft wares. 3D impacts are used to make attractive animations. There are few examples of the animation engineering that are helpful in explaining the role of the animation in engineering.

Animated engineering has emerged with the emergence of animations and its use in the modern education and everyday life. To make any object, every aspect of engineering has to be considered. To place any object at any place in a picture to be animated, engineering principles are also needed to be followed at the most. Shape, size, length, height and width needed to be considered before have the final go to the object to be used in the picture. Different kinds of courses are being offered for the students to learn the engineering of animation with the help of software’s that are being practiced.

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