Digital Camera Repair Service of Teleplan Services Logistics

Today, many people use their digital cameras every day – and the growing IT market uses these tools frequently. As a result, the service standard is rising dramatically.

The traditional camera companies, along with major computer companies, recognize this trend and look to Teleplan for a world-class level of service to repair cameras.

Key features of the Teleplan service solution:

  • Call Center
  • Pan-European coverage, using sophisticated managed logistics
  • Bulk & End User Service Model
  • Collect and Return model (up to End User level)
  • Centralized Repair in Eastern Europe (for competitive pricing)
  • Inventory Reduction
  • Fast Turnaround Time (throughout EMEA) Warranty Management
  • Quality Assured: ISO 9001 Accreditation

Teleplan’s Service Benefits:

  • In and Out-of-Warranty Repair
  • Same Unit Repair
  • Fulfillment of Spare Parts
  • Complete Customer Service Experience
  • Fast Turnaround Times

Consumer Product Repair

Have a digital camera or video camera which isn’t working properly? Teleplan has a complete end-to-end approach, with fully trained technicians providing integrated warranty and post-warranty solutions that enable customers to enjoy their cameras.

A consumer product repair group – like Teleplan – focuses on providing a fast, accurate repair of your camera, even after the manufacturer warranty has expired.

Lens Repair

As part of their multi-commodity structure, they are able to offer DSC lens assembly repair for most OEM DSC lens types. They offer the following as part of our standard lens repair procedures.

  • Complete diagnostics
  • Parts replacement
  • Clean and lubricate all moving parts
  • Final test for quality assurance
  • They also offer bulk DSC lens repair discounts.

LCD Repair

Utilizing their multi-commodity structure, they are able to offer LCD repair for various types of LCD failures. The types of LCD repair that they can handle currently at this time include:

  • Backlight repair
  • Electric failure
  • Scratches
  • Polarizer
  • Video problem
  • Cleaning
  • Lamp change

Please note that they also can do LCD replacement (as part of their normal repair process) for an additional fee.

They are experienced to repair cameras of all leading manufacturers. To know more you can visit Kodak camara repair and Nikon repair section of their website.
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  1. I sent my camera into Teleplan Camera Repair last week, my Canon was giving me all sorts of error and problems and acting up. I’ve already received two email updates and they are going to do a cleaning on my camera as part of the repair. So thankful, i thought my camera was at its end! I signed up for their blog updates, as it turns out they actually had a blog about my problem and knew all the details of what was going on!