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Online Media Planners, whether they work for an agency or in-house, have many different tasks and responsibilities.  Though the goal of their job is to maximize ROI for their campaigns, a lot goes into making sure that happens.  They must be part creative and part analytical.  They must create powerful marketing messages and be pros at targeting to the desired audience.  They must be budget-conscious and schedule-oriented.

They must be familiar with many platforms and media.  They must be able to juggle several projects at the same time.  They must be able to present thoughtful and compelling media plans.  They must report on their failures and success strategically and analytically in order to learn from them.

With all of these responsibilities, an Online Media Planner who wants to Excel must use powerful online media planning software.

The ideal software application will combine features that will ease all facets on the Media Planner’s job:

Research:  The software should help the Media Planner do thorough research.  It should include statistics, analyses, and trends.  The Media Planner should use the software to profile Publishers he is considering – give traffic, user, and audience information; provide insight about other advertisers and their campaigns currently running with the publisher; show deployment chains of mediator networks doing business with the site; and much more.

Competitive Intelligence:   The software should analyze the users’ own campaigns as well as those of competitors.  Unveil to the Media Planner the full ecosystem he is exploring.  Show competitors’ successful campaigns.  Reveal competitors’ successful media partnerships.  When the Media Planner finds successful partnerships or campaigns run by his competitor, he can chose to mimic those or to improve them for even better results on his own activities.

Creative Spark:  The software should also spark the Media Planner’s creative streak by exposing marketing messages, banner designs, creative placement, and much more.  Once again, seeing the landing pages, banners, and ads used by others will encourage the Media Planner to create successful campaigns of his own, and also to avoid unsuccessful ideas that many have failed for others.

If a media planner is serious about doing all aspects of his job well, he should invest in a high-quality online media planning software that will empower and enable him.  There is a lot to the job, but doing it all manually is time-consuming, inaccurate, and tedious.  A good media planning software will not replace a good Media Planner – it will simply make him more efficient and productive.

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