12 Phone Cases to Keep Your Smartphone Protected and Stylish

Keeping your phone safe must always be a top priority. Therefore, you should never open the box over some hardwood floor or tiles in your kitchen, as you probably have seen those Christmas morning videos with people who get too excited about their new phone. The best way to keep it safe is by being careful from the very start. Have your phone safely in your hands? Excellent, now it is time to apply a screen protector, so get one as soon as you buy the phone itself. This way, you will lower the possibility of screen shattering by more than 50%, and once the screen protector is applied, it is time for a phone case.

The market for phone cases is as wide as the ocean and finding the perfect option can be difficult. But today, you are no longer chained to those old flip cases, that neither looks good nor feel good. With fashion becoming obsessed with accessories, your device can also become one now! Leave the boring phone cases behind and enjoy the world of colorful, fashionable, and protective phone cases, so let’s dive into the world of how cool your phone could look, we are sure you will fall in love at least with one of these 12 options, if not with all of them! And with that, we have arrived at the purpose of this article.

Burga Tough Phone Case Series


Looking for a cute yet highly protective phone case? The Burga is what you are looking for. Their tough series come in over 120 different designs, and we do not mean just colors. We mean patterns, prints, and all! From marble to animal prints, to modern and nature-inspired! Dark, bright, festive. They have phone cases for Google Pixel and iPhone 13 Pro phone cases. They have them all!

And if having phone cases that match all the outfits you can think of is not enough, maybe the double-layer protection is more up to your speed? Tough cases come with an inner silicone layer that provides a shock absorption quality and covers your phone all around. The outer hard-shell plastic case comes with bright and beautiful designs that will not fade or peel! And if this is not enough for you, they also have a 12-month guarantee, so you can be sure that your case will last for a long time, and if for some reason it will not, they will be there to help you!

Buy Burga Cases from Amazon

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Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 Case


Yes, we all loved the convenience of those flip cases with all the space dedicated for cards, but this does not mean that we have to stay stuck in the unfashionable territory of phone cases. With this Smartish Waller Slayer Vol.1 Case in the color Chefs Special, you will not only keep the convenience of having up to 3 cards at your sides at all times, but you will also enter the fashionable side of the phone cases. This case not only comes with a fantastic design but also with some pretty excellent protection too.

The high-grip textured sides will ensure that the phone stays in your hands, so no more dropping it on the ground while trying to text that message in a hurry! Keep some cash and cards by your side and leave your wallet at home. The night out was never this easy, and as your phone is always by your side, you will not need to keep your eye on multiple precious items at once! Stay safe and keep your device safe too!

Buy Smartish Cases from Amazon


Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear Case with Grips


A clear phone case that still looks great. It is possible. The Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear case not only keeps the shape and design of your device by showing the carefully crafted phone, but it also adds that extra touch with no-slip grips patterns on the back of it. Keep the sleek look of your device while also keeping it safe in a case that offers protection from 13 feet! Even if it somehow manages to slip through all the provided grips, your phone will stay safe and sound.

Also, do you buy the clear case to stay clear? If so, this is for you, as if the case does not stay clear, they will replace it for you! Oh, and it comes with antimicrobial protection, so keep those nasty bacteria away from your device!

Buy Speck Cases from Amazon

Woolnut Leather Case


If you love the classical feel with a touch of luxury, then the Woolnut case made from full-grain Scandinavian leather would surely be the perfect option for you.

The case not only looks great, but it also keeps the device safe and sound. Due to the leather qualities, the case not only will not wear and tear, but it will also develop a unique patina that cannot be replicated. The leather reacts to every contact it has with your hands. Therefore, it will only look better and better instead of wearing down, making it a long-lasting investment.

It is also worth mentioning that quality leather accessories always look good, and your phone will become your best companion no matter your outfit choice.

Buy Woolnut Cases from Amazon

Tech21 Evo Art Modern Camo Case


 Camo print always stays in fashion, and not only in the military. The Tech21 Evo Art phone case features the forever stylish case in everyone’s beloved camo print with the modern take on it. The tough design also comes with the 10 ft drop protection, ensuring that it looks tough and is tough.

Such height drop protection will surely be enough to keep your device from harm unless you decide to throw it out of the plane with a small parachute attached to it. But if this is the case, a bucket of cement would be a better option.  However, if you need a protective case for casual everyday use, this street-fashion-inspired phone case may become your phone’s best friend.

Buy Tech21 Cases from Amazon


Casetify Grip Case


Keeping the device in your hands is the best way to keep it from shattering, so Casetify Grip Case focuses on keeping it in your hands – no dropping means no shattering, and no shattering means no more additional expenses.

They come in various designs; therefore, you will easily find one that will fit just right into your wardrobe outfits selection. So, style every detail and make it all work. Nothing should be left behind! Oh, and the cases also come with DEFENSIFY antimicrobial coating, so let’s say bye to those pesky little germs!

Buy Casetify Cases from Amazon

Caseology Parallax Series Case


Although the color selection is limited to only 4, the modern yet functional 3D design adds sophistication to the Caseology case’s modern look. Keeping it simple with a limited selection, the case allows you to keep enhancing and keep the natural beauty that your phone already has. The raised bezel will keep the screen and camera safe from all those unexpected falls, while the TPU grip enhancers on the sides will help you to keep the device in your hands to avoid that in the first place.

Simple, modern, and still pretty. It may not steal the show, but this case will surely keep your device safe from all the scratches and disappointment that come with that.

Buy Caseology Cases from Amazon

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Ted Baker Anti-Shock Case


Showcase the natural beauty that your device already has, but with that extra spice. Their fashionable cases are enhanced with stylish flower patterns that add that delicate touch and turn your device into a soft, lush meadows-inspired little piece of art.

The case by Ted Baker offers shock-absorbing protection, keeps the back of your device safe and sound. However, it does not add a ton of additional bulk to your phone, so you can easily keep it in your hands. You can also not worry about the ports and button access, as it does not block them in any way, so you will not need to use additional strength to use that volume button!

Buy Ted Baker Cases from Amazon


Spigen Liquid Air Case


Although there are only two colors they offer, do not get discouraged, as this case by Spigen combines shock-absorbing qualities with slim yet flexible and protective properties. No need to sacrifice the beauty your phone already has with its sleek design.

Keep the feel of your device. The diamond-shaped pattern is not the peak of high fashion, but it offers excellent grip qualities combined with a modern take, making it a simple yet classical phone case that will keep all those scratches away!

Buy Spigen Cases from Amazon

Casetify Mirror Phone Case


Improve your selfie game with a shock-proof case that will also double as a mirror! Check your reflection wherever and wherever you need it! Slim yet protective, wireless charging compatible, and easily customizable!

Add what you want to it and make the case truly yours! Quote, names, phrases, initials, all of it can be placed on this case, so keep what is important to you by your side! The mirror cases come in various designs, so you will easily find one to fit your style and needs!

Buy Casetify Cases from Amazon


Lander Phone Case


Lander makes cases for those who love the outdoors, love hiking, and adventures! If you are one of those people, you may fall in love with what they can offer! The brand is driven by sustainability, so there is no need to sacrifice the security for sustainability, as in their cases, Lander combined it all.

Made from plant-based plastic, their cases come from renewable and sustainable sources and can be easily recycled! 

The cases will keep your device safe in temperatures from -18 Celsius to 49 Celsius, so enjoy the outside no matter the weather!

Buy Lander Cases from Amazon

Gear4 Denali Phone Case


The no-slip grip and texture finish of the ZAGG Gear4 case will ensure that the device stays in your hands. The modern design that combines black and orange will add a slight touch of color to your device and keep it simple yet classical enough that it will fit with each and every style.

Drop protection is always helpful, and one of 16 ft would work even for a body double while shooting a movie, so we are sure it will be enough for your device too! The case also comes with an antimicrobial treatment that will not allow any nastiness and odors to build up in your case!

Buy Gear4 Cases from Amazon

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Finishing Up


As we have mentioned, the world of phone cases is wide, and we hope that this guide will help you find the best one for your device. Keep in mind that you do not have to settle, so choose the case that has everything you need, as nowadays you can easily find one like this!

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