PC vs Mac: What Makes the One Better Than the Other?

PCs and Macs have been competing with one another for decades now. Nonetheless, there really doesn’t seem to be one winner. However, there are quite a lot of differences between these two different types of computers and this is what we seek to find in this article.

There are also huge differences in both PC and Mac in terms of price, design, and customer support. Let’s check them one-by-one:

1. Design

PC vs Mac - Point 1PC: When it comes to PC, the hardware design largely depends on the company that manufactures the systems. PCs are made by hundreds of manufacturers and they design it in a variety of shapes and sizes. But that is what gives us the freedom of choice. If we don’t like one design, we can just choose the other.

Mac: Apple prides itself to have the coolest hardware designs. It has been providing its consumers with some of the fantastically-designed computers. The one thing that is visible in all their hardware is the beautiful and sleek screen panels that just catch your eyes.

Unlike PCs, Mac has no variation in their design. But it only turns off a chunk of small users as the majority of the people are happy with the design of Mac.

2. Cost

PC vs Mac - Point 2PC: The PCs are known for their budget-friendly pricing. For years, they have been the primary choice of users mainly because of their economical price. Even if you want to upgrade the system with a better hard drive or higher memory card, it will cost you only a few more bucks.

Mac: When it comes to cost, Mac is far steeper than PC. The price of a Mac has been on a gradual rise for the last many years. Only until the last few years, the price of the Mac came to a halt. However, it is still a bit more expensive than the PC.

3. Customer Support

PC vs Mac - Point 3PC: There are not as many service centers for PC as there are for Apple. So if any of the devices of your PC malfunctions, you will have to call the manufacturer directly.

Mac: On the other hand, Mac maintains a strong customer support services with its clients. Let’s say if your Mac short circuits, you can go to the nearest Apple store for help.

4. Security

PC vs Mac - Point 4PC: Since most of the PCs use Microsoft Windows, they are more prone to virus and malware. This is why you have to keep running an anti-virus program to keep your system away from any damage. In addition, you have to keep checking for security updates to keep any sophisticated viruses at bay.

Mac: While Mac does have its share of virus attacks, it is not as vulnerable as a PC. Since Mac does not use any anti-virus, it is likely to crash if a malicious virus program attacks your system.

5. Memory

PC vs Mac - Point 5Mac: When compared to PC, Mac falls short in the memory department. The standard models usually have 1 to 4 GB of RAM. However, you can have a higher memory for the custom models.

PC: Many of personal computers have 2 to 8 GB of RAM and this is what makes them a better option than the Mac.

6. Technical Specifications

PC vs Mac - Point 6PC: Though Mac has a higher rating in overall hardware components, the PC is much better when it comes to RAM, USB, and hard drive.

Mac: When compared to a PC, Mac has better hardware parts. Mac uses high-end components that are way better in performance and durability than the PC.

7. Operating System

PC vs Mac - Point 7PC: With Microsoft Windows, PC users certainly have a better overall user experience than Mac. The only problem with PC is that it tends to slow down as so many drivers and programs are running in the backend.

Mac: Unlike PC, Mac has a much faster and stable operating system. There are hardly any cases when a program crashes or corrupts on Mac.

8. Quality

PC vs Mac - Point 8PC:  As compared to Mac, PC tend to score much lower in terms of quality. Most of the PCs use mediocre materials in their hardware, such as plastic. Therefore, the quality of the hardware is somewhat lower than the Mac.

Mac: Mac is known for their high-quality hardware. The company never compromises on the quality of its hardware and this is why Mac is considered one of the most durable computers in the world.

9. Software

PC vs Mac - Point 9PC: Considering that there are a lot more PC owners out there, there is no shortage of software for Microsoft. In fact, many of app stores are full of free programs for the PC users.

Mac: Recently Apple began releasing more software for their Mac systems. But they are still not a match to the flurry of apps and programs that are available for PC.

PC vs Mac: Conclusion

PC vs Mac - conclusion-thumbs-up-final-thoughtsTo sum up, we can conclude that both PC and Mac have their set of merits and demerits. However, the difference in their group of users is largely associated with the operating system. PC is perfect for people who love working with Microsoft Windows, while Mac is made for Mac OS.

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