Beef Up Your Information Technology Skills with Online Training

With the costs of learning on steep declines, it’s increasingly possible to get a job or hobby-relevant training on the cheap. And often, independent certifications and courses can pack a much more significant punch in terms of growing skill sets than a whole university degree. After all, you’re probably not going to be using much of that Film Studies 101 elective for your job in Information Technology, and the fact that most university degrees can cost whole years’ salaries is making many individuals reconsider it as an option.

So if you want to focus on professional development, or even if you want to improve your Information Technology skills before getting hired, you might want to consider any of these online training courses! They’re sure to help you beef up your tech skills without irreparably damaging your wallet in the process.

1. Data Visualization Courses

Information Technology Skills - Online Training - Big Data

Big Data‘ is a hot industry buzzword, and for good reason! Increasing access to big data sets for everything from marketing purposes to science fields has been a huge and growing market. And according to many career outlooks, big data as a broad field is only just starting to pick up. And skill sets relating to big data are in high, high demand. Data visualization classes help teach students how to blend graphics programming and information processing and includes elements of human cognition and the relationship between visualization of information and viewer perception.

Learn Data Visualization

2. Python Programming Courses

Information Technology Skills - Online Training - Python Programming

Python is one of the most robust and common programming language out there, and it’s not uncommon to be able to find basic beginner’s courses on the internet for free! Anyone with minimum or zero knowledge in programming can easily pick up Python. So whether you’re interested in learning the basics of Python just to see if it’s a good fit for you or if you want to dig deep into intuitive programming and learning syntax, taking a Python course is a great way to get your feet wet.

Learn Python Programming

3. Java Programming

Information Technology Skills - Online Training - Java Programming

Java is one of the primary languages used in mobile game coding. Though it’s quietly been phased out of most PC-based websites and applications, it’s still running strong on mobile. And even better, many of the best Java introductory courses start you off by learning to modify, edit, and even make your first (very simple) mobile game! Luckily, Java’s also a pretty easy coding language to learn, and many Java classes are shorter than those for many other tech areas.

Learn Java Programming

4. Microsoft Virtual Academy

Information Technology Skills - Online Training - Microsoft Virtual Academy

Love Microsoft products? Then taking courses at the Microsoft Virtual Academy might be for you! They provide free self-paced professional courses for IT professionals, students, Data scientists etc. They cover everything from app developing to cloud-based systems to game development. And best of all, it’s absolutely free! The one downside is that they can be quite advanced; it’s usually recommended to start with some beginner courses elsewhere, first.

Go to Microsoft Virtual Academy

5. Linux Programming

Information Technology Skills - Online Training - Linux Programming

Linux is the language of most higher-tier hardware, like servers and dataset processors. And if you’re interested in operating in any of those fields, learning Linux is a must! There are many courses available for beginners, both in class and online courses to help you get going in Linux Programming from scratch. Since there’s no graphical interface and it operates purely based on command lines, it’s not just necessarily about programming: but learning another language.

Learn Linux Programming

In Summary

Information Technology Skills - Online Training - conclusion

The digital revolution has made classes easier to consume, more accessible, and cheaper for almost any profession. The online and digital self-paced courses are gaining a lot of popularity in every field. But with Information Technology jobs and tech work, it’s even easier. Especially as this trend continues, it’s possible that in the future Universities may no longer represent the best source of possible work-related education. In today’s world where more and more individuals are focused on what they can earn with their education, online classes represent a cost-effective way to get the professional or technical skill sets you need.

So whether you’re wanting to improve your resume, get more professional development under your belt, or just see if you have what it takes to learn and manage important Information Technology skills, hopefully, these recommended classes will help you on your way!

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