RSMonials FAQ – (Scroller Module Not Displaying Anything)

Extension Name: RS-Monials Scroller Module | From: Josep Ma. Balbas

Subject: RSMonials Scroller Module Not Displaying any Testimonials.

Josep Ma. Balbas: Hello,

My RSMonials Scroller module has stopped working after I published a new testimonial in one of my website. But it is working perfectly after I published the same testimonial in my another website. I don’t understand what happened, I didn’t modify anything else!

Could you help me please ?

Support Team: Thank you for your email. We have reviewed your websites. Actually the problem is the “Apostrophe” used in the testimonial.

However in our coding we placed one checking for “Apostrophe” so it works well but somehow it is not working in one of your website. May be any function is disabled in your server or so.

So to keep the module working please try to avoid “Apostrophe” in the testimonial content. Or please edit the testimonial & replace the apostrophe (‘) by back quote (`) or single quotation (’) and then save it. Then test your website again. Hopefully this will solve the issue.

Josep Ma. Balbas: Thank you very very much !!! It works.

Support Team: Nice to see it is working. Thank you. If you need any further help in future feel free to contact us using our support form. If you like our extension please rate us at Joomla extension directory (JED).

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2 thoughts on “RSMonials FAQ – (Scroller Module Not Displaying Anything)

  1. Hello,

    Is there a way I can display all testimonials on RSMonials module, currently it is only displaying one testimonial?

    Thanks for the component, it works great.

    • RSMonials module is designed to display single testimonials. To display multiple testimonials, you can use the RSMonials scroller module.