FAQ – RSMonials (Empty Page in Front End)

Extension Name: RS-Monials | From: Dominique Joubert

Subject: RS monial 2.0 / Issue

Dominique Joubert: I am trying New version of RS-Monials (2.0) extension with Joomla V1.7.5, and I Just get an empty page from the menu item where this compoent is called??? ( no code at all when checking with firebug…) my template is JA travel from joomlart. Thank you for any help

Support Team: Thanks for your email. We will surely help you. Is it possible to provide us the super admin login details of your website? If so please send us the same. This will help us to solve the problem quickly. If it is not possible to provide us the super admin details then please send us the URL of your website so we can review it.

Dominique Joubert: Thank you very much to take care of my issue. site is ###—HIDDEN—###. It’s not in production so you could use the admin account either for admin access or normal access. The RSMonials component is under main menu. I also tried locally for a copy of this site, it was the same result. But I succeeded with another try on another site: ###—HIDDEN—###. I did the same installations… and it’s the same template / same joomla version 1.7.5 / but not the same components.
Waiting for your help.
Best regards

Support Team: We reviewed your website and saw that somehow RSMonials component is conflicting with the “JA News Sticker Module”. So currently we just edited the “JA News Sticker Module” and set it so this module will display on all pages except “Testimonials” page. Now the page is working well. Please check it and if you have any question please let us know.

Dominique Joubert: Thank you for your help, We could consider that not to have sticker module active when testimonial is acceptable so far. It should be nice if nevertheless you can go deeper and ensure that your component could work in any case ?

Support Team: Yes, it happens sometime that code of some extension conflicts with other extension. As we identified the problem, the admin access is not needed anymore, you can remove it. We will surely try to find out the cause of this conflict. If find out will let you know.

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8 thoughts on “FAQ – RSMonials (Empty Page in Front End)

  1. Hello, I installed your component and scroll module (very good by the way) but im having some trouble tho. If I only activate 2 testimonials the module displays correctly in the welcome page, but if I enable all the module simply doesn´t display, I want to show more than 2 testimonials so Can you help me please? http://www.crossfitr.com.au Tnx =)

    • Change Wording: Just edit the respective language file from “Joomla Admin” => “Components” => “RSMonials” => Language File”.

      Add Field: Unfortunately this option is currently not available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. im using rsmonials on a website, and for some reason on the frontend page everything is all squished down to 361px, every other page displays fine, its only the rsmonials page that displays all the testimonials thats all squished down. I could not figure out how to post a new thread on this site.

  3. Hello,
    I installed RS-Monials Ver.2 module with the component..i posting in the back-end 2 Testimonials
    and i CAN’T see them in the front-end…it is all the time switched when i refresh the page, in the website (Front-end) i
    see only one Testimonial. and i want to see (in the future) all my Testimonials in one page.(very long page)
    Please Help me What i need to do.

    i working on joomla 2.5.6, my site that i working on in my computer (using wamp)

    2) How i change the website in the testimonial that it will be a link? (now it is just a normal text in the front-end)

    Waiting for your reply

    • 1) To display all testimonials in a page you need to create one “Menu Item” by choosing RSMonials as “Menu Item Type”. Then access that “Menu Item” from front-end.

      2) This is currently not possible from admin panel. For this you need to change in the core file of the component. But if you do not have good knowledge in Joomla framework then we will recommend you not to change in the core file. Any error can stop the script to work.