6 Best Joomla Community / Social Networking Extensions

If you are planning to build your own social networking / community website using Joomla, this article will surely help you to let you know the current trends of Joomla web market. In this article I am listing 6 popular Joomla extensions that will help you to implement and activate the community features in your website. Here I am ordering all extensions as per their popularity rating, so you can review the most popular extension first.

NOTICE: In this article I am only listing those extensions that will activate the most important and base features of a community website. You may need to use some other extensions to activate the other useful community features like Forum, Blog, Event etc. I will discuss on those topics in my later posts.

1 – JomSocial:

Please note first, this extension is not free. Although this is commercial, this is ranked 1 among all community extensions of Joomla. Now everyone can create a thriving, unique & interactive Joomla!® community… effortlessly!

JomSocial features:

  • Customize profile fields as you wish.
  • Create, join and manage your groups.
  • Invite and connect with your friends via our buddy-system
  • Communicate with friends via private messages or post messages on user wall
  • Upload, share, manage and comment on photos and videos
  • See what your friends are doing in the Activity Stream
  • Integrate with 3rd party components with JomSocial’s robust API
  • Manage and promote your events with JomSocial Event Management
  • and much more!

NOTICE: This extension formerly known as “Community”

2 – Community Builder:

Community Builder suite (CB) extends the Joomla! user management system. Key features are:

  • Extra fields in profile
  • Enhanced registration workflows
  • User lists
  • Connection paths between users
  • Admin defined tabs and user profiles
  • Image upload
  • Front-end workflow management
  • Integration with other components like PMS, Newsletter, Forum, Galleries.
  • CB has many CB plugins from CB Team and from third parties, including Profile Gallery, Profile Blog, Profile Guestbook, Profile Wall, Paid Subscriptions Membership management, Donations management, Shop, Captcha and many more.
  • Over 180 extensions for CB are listed at Joomla Extension Directory (JED) and on the Joomlapolis directory.
  • CB is compatible with all Joomla! 1.5 native, Joomla! 1.0.x native and Mambo 4.5.2-4.6.5.
  • CB allows multi-criteria user searches, full field controls of core fields, ajax email and username checkers, image and integer fields, custom validations and many more features.
  • CB is open-source and free.
  • CB 1.2.3 Stable introduces Joomla 1.6 beta 4 native compatibility, advanced users management filtering and emailing, in addition of 1.2.3 benefits: completely translatable admin area, PHP 5.3 compatibility and upgrade-install without uninstall method for Joomla 1.5.

3 – CBE:

CBE means Community Builder Enhanced. This component allows you to create and manage your own community. It is completely for free and has many functions (maps, own styles, …) included. Give it a try today! The features are:

  • Advanced account management system
  • Blog
  • Gallery
  • Guestbook
  • Friends Management
  • + Numerous extensions (tabs)

4 – ODude Profile:

Turn your site into community based site, Eg. Dating Sites, Hi5, Facebook, Myspace. Administrate your members at back end with login access. The features are:

  • Option to enable/disable profile display at front end.
  • User Plugin
  • System Plugin
  • Profile Random Module
  • Who is Online Module
  • Last Logged in Module
  • Latest Profile Picture Module
  • Facebook Login Module
  • Advance Member Search.
  • Search Engine Friendly.
  • True Page navigation.
  • Send Messages to members.
  • Message is directly sent into email address.
  • English Language Support.
  • Importing Email Address from Yahoo, Gmail, Aol.
  • Profile Picture into email messages like Hi5.
  • Integrated with Facebook:
    • Login with Facebook Username & Password.
    • It will update user profile picture.
    • It will update user full name, location, status.
    • It will import all profile picture from Facebook.
  • User will able to block their own account.

Administrative Part (only admin):

  • Secure Signin as any username without password.
  • Show/Hide profile fields.
  • Row & Column adjustment.
  • Color & Theme adjustment.

5 – Linksutra:

These component and module provides facility to joomla admin to create social networking site easily. The features are:

  • Users Profile: showing the total visits, friends connection, friends, 5 demands and offers of user , basic information of user like about me, city, age, gender etc
  • Friends: showing the list of friends and their basic information
  • Scrapbook: showing the scrapbook of user where user can send scrap or reply.
  • Demands: showing demands posted by all the users and user can also post new demand.
  • Offers: showing offers posted by all the users and user can also post new offer.
  • Album: users can maintain their pics and albums by uploading, editing pics/albums.

6 – Joomunity:

Joomunity builds dynamic and vibrant community sites on the worlds most successful CMS – Joomla. With lots of inspiration from popular networks like Facebook, MySpace, Netlog and Beboo, joomunity compiles a set of USEFUL and EASY to build applications to enable effective collaboration amongst Joomla Site users. The features are:

  • Build an on-line community like Facebook in minutes. The initial concept of Joomunity was to try to make it look exactly like the facebook platform. But with a lot of advice, critics and comments, there is a deal of flexibility in there, and with styles, you can build a powerful social site, to do just what you want it to do.
  • Beautiful JavaScript powered interface Pure CSS and XHTML, spiced by JavaScript produce a user friendly interface. There is nothing as important on a social site as the user interface. We have got that on our minds, as we improve the component, AJAX and other technologies make the user experience even better.
  • Highly extensible with addition of ‘applications’ From profile play lists, to simple to-do lists, from large group applications to group-competitions, Joomunity Applications help you do just what your site is purposed for! The ease with which these are made make it possible for you to write your own if need be.
  • User Relationship management. The potential of your community site, lies amongst its users. To boost this potential, a simple to use user relationship application is put in place to ensure that together your sites visitors could enjoy the things they love.
  • Photo Management. User photo gallery management. Working to implement other useful tools such as photo tagging, photo sharing and lots more.
  • Private messaging support. There is no need for additional components to manage your private messaging. Joomunity uses Joomla’s Core messaging tables to provide with a simple and effect messaging utility. Email notifications are sent out on every new message.
  • Multiple Blogging component support. Joomunity applications provide a simple alternative to very large and complex blogging components. Joomla is a very powerful CMS, and we exploit that potential. Joomunity Articles application helps provide front end users the possibility of publish their own content to specially assigned sections of the site.
  • Multiple Forum CMS support Fireboard, SMF, PHPBB all through the use of application or components could provide simple one point profiles for the overall site. One of the downfalls of a community site, is to have multiple profiles for a single user. Joomunity aims at bridging the gabs between the Joomla CMS and any other forum application you may be using> We are building a simple forum application which uses XML-RPC to bridge profiles across forums. This app is experimental and still under serious testing.
  • Language support One of the revolutions of the Joomla 1.5 framework is language support and localization. Joomunity profiles multilingual translation on the fly.

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8 thoughts on “6 Best Joomla Community / Social Networking Extensions

    • It’s totally depends on your requirement. Please check features and demo of all and which fits with your needs go for it. But in overall Jomsocial provides full package of Social Networking. If you need maximum features then go for Jomsocial.

  1. It’s truly a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you just shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Souvik,

    I’m in the phase where I consider to create a social website so I’m looking for reviews to find the best components for Joomla!.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but this overvivew is a copy-paste-job of the descriptions the developers have published in the Joomla! extensions overview; Published in almost the exact same order as they show up in the Joomla-overview…

    Do you have any “webmaster-experience-input” to share with us? Not only what the developers of the solution want to highlight?


    • Hi FiGu,

      Yes, you are right, the description I took from the JED listing. But the ordering may be matching with JED but also as per my opinion these are in the correct order.

      As a developer previously I worked in both Jomsocial and Community Builder. If you do not have good knowledge in Joomla, then surely Jomsocial will help you a lot. Because this have too many inbuilt features and application and you can start to run your community by just installing it.

      Community Builder is also very good and free also. It also have several supporting extension. But you need to configure it properly with some other component. Because only using core community builder component you can not able to start running a good community site. But if you are a developer then go for it and configure it along with JComments, Kunena, MyBlog, Eventlist and with many other social components. You will surely get an excellent result.

      Warm Regards,