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RS Cool Mp3 Player is a flash based minimalistic Mp3 player with a twist, perfect for your website. This is a Joomla extension specially developed for Joomla version 1.5.x. It supports the basic functions of an mp3 player- play, pause, draggable volume bar, sound visualizer. It includes a special sound visualizer that changes when you drag the volume bar. The features are:

  • Customizable width, height and background color of the module and player.
  • The player have Play button, Pause button, Draggable volume bar, Sound visualizer.
  • Single and multiple MP3 song support.
  • Text color, size, player color, button color, background color, visualizer color – Everything is editable from module parameter section.
  • Player can show “Artist Name”, “Song Name” and “Percentage of Volume”.

How To Configure and Use the Module (Steps):

  1. Install this Module.
  2. Now go to “Extensions” => “Module Manager”
  3. Edit/Add “RS Cool MP3 Player” Module and publish it after configuring the module.
  4. For detail configuration of module parameters either follow the steps mentioned in the next point (Point 5: Module Parameter Configuration) or please review these 2 screenshots:
  5. Module Parameter Configuration:
    • Module Class Suffix: A suffix to be applied to the CSS class of the Module. This allows for individual Module styling.
    • Module Width: Width of the module in pixel. Default value is “290”.
    • Margin between Player: If you are listing more than 1 songs, then please specify the gap between 2 songs. Default value is “10”.
    • Player Width: Please specify the Width of a single mp3 player button.  Default value is “281”.
    • Player Height: Please specify the Height of a single mp3 player button. Default value is “78”.
    • Background Color: Color of the background in hex-code. Do not add #. Default value is “FFFFFF”.
    • Autoplay: Start playing the song automatically when loaded. This setting will only work if there is only one mp3 song to play.  Default value is “NO”.
    • Margin: Margin of play button from the edge of the player, in pixel. Default value is “5”.
    • Stroke Color: Stroke Color in hex-code. Do not add #. Default value is “90C84B”.
    • Fill Color: Fill Color in hex-code. Do not add #. Default value is “414042”.
    • Button Back Color: Back Color of Play-Pause Button in hex-code. Do not add #. Default value is “FFFFFF”.
    • Button Back Over Color: Back Over Color of Play-Pause Button in hex-code. Do not add #. Default value is “DEECBD”.
    • Button Sign Stroke Color: Sign Stroke Color of Play-Pause Button in hex-code. Do not add #. Default value is “4B4B4B”.
    • Button Sign Fill Color: Sign Fill Color of Play-Pause Button in hex-code. Do not add #. Default value is “83B04D”.
    • Initial Volume Level: Initial Volume Level. Any value from 0 to 100. Enter 0 to mute, 100 to maximum volume. Default value is “50”.
    • Back Stroke Color: Back Stroke Color of volume control in hex-code. Do not add #. Default value is “4B4B4B”.
    • Back Fill Color: Back Fill Color of volume control in hex-code. Do not add #. Default value is “83B04D”.
    • Sign Color: Sign Color of volume control in hex-code. Do not add #. Default value is “E7E8E9”.
    • Sign Over Color: Sign Over Color of volume control in hex-code. Do not add #. Default value is “4B4B4B”.
    • Percent Text Color: Color of percentage text of the volume control in hex-code. Do not add #. Default value is “E7E8E9”.
    • Percent Horizontal Margin: Horizontal margin of percentage text of the volume control in pixel. Default value is “5”.
    • Percent Vertical Position: Vertical position of percentage text of the volume control, it can be ‘top’, ‘bottom’, ‘center’ or a number. Default value is “top”.
    • Back Color: Back Color of visualizer in hex-code. Do not add #. Default value is “4B4B4B”.
    • Wave Color: Wave Color of visualizer in hex-code. Do not add #. Default value is “FFFFFF”.
    • Artist Color: Color of the artist text in hex-code. Do not add #. Default value is “E7E8E9”.
    • Artist Font Size: Font Size of the artist text in pixel. Default value is “14”.
    • Song Color: Color of the song text in hex-code. Do not add #. Default value is “E7E8E9”.
    • Song Font Size: Font Size of the song text in pixel. Default value is “12”.
    • Name of Artist(s): Specify the name of artists within {}, seperated by comma. Example: “{Artist A}, {Artist B}”.
    • Name of MP3 Song(s): Specify the name of mp3 songs within {}, seperated by comma. Example: “{Song A}, {Song B}”.
    • Location/URL of Song(s): Specify the name of songs within {}, seperated by comma. Example: “{}, {}”.

Support: If you have any question/suggestion or if you wish to report any error please post it in our forum: SUPPORT FORUM LINK (Please do not forget to mention the extension name and the version)

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87 thoughts on “Documentation | RS Cool MP3 Player Joomla Extension

  1. I downloaded the free version and it worked just fine on my site. I then purchased the PRO version because I wanted to be able to configure the player but now it doesn’t work. I get the error that the file cannot be found to be played!

    So I uninstalled the PRO version and reinstalled the FREE version and it worked just fine. Can you help me? thank you

    • The actual error I’m getting on the PRO version is:
      “The Sound Could No Be Loaded”

      But it’s the same URL as I use in the FREE version.

      • Our support team is already sent you an email on your PayPal email address. Please reply on that email and our support team will help you to solve the issue you are facing.

    • You can add the following css code in your template’s css file:

      object#RSCoolMp3PlayerModule_184_1 { margin-left:200px; }

      Of course you can change the 200px to any other value as per your needs.

      • Thank you very much, one more question,
        I can’t seem to find a pause, Rewind or Fast Forward. Is there another version with these features? Or am I missing something.

        Thanks again for a simple and awesome Player. :-)

      • Awesome Module but I have a problem with it.
        It doesnt work with the Url that I write {http://localhost/joomla335/administrator/images/songs/Satisfaction.mp3};

        I have a MP3 file in my local server of Joomla that I uploaded with the media manager.

        • May be the Url should be the following:


          instead of the following:


  2. Hi, I purchased this module for a client and they really like it, unfortunately they now want one instance to auto-play when the page is opened. I know this was a setting in j1.5, but now it appears to be gone. Is there a way to short code it to play, or is there a parameter I missed? Thanks in advance.

  3. I Purchased your RSCoolMP3Player PRO (1.4) – Joomla 3.x version today and it Looks like a great product, only I can’t find the code to place this Module in an Articles on your website or in the documentation from your website.

    The Documentation looks like it was for an earlier version of the Module.

    Then I tried The: {lRSCoolMP3Player PRO RSCoolMP3Player PRO} statement in my Articles and it did not show up on the page.

    I have configured the player according to your Documented instructions and I just need the code to add it to an existing Article. Or am I missing something and the Documentation for this newer version is on your website somewhere?

    Please let me know what you think.
    I have also emailed your support email with this same message.

  4. Hi again and thanks for your time Souvik,

    Yes, the warnings disappeared, I edited ‘php.ini’.

    I found this area after I messaged you and I configured exactly as described. I’m using Exact URL etc., but where I’m at now, the player is showing with the Band Name and Song Title, but it won’t play. I’m using the latest Joomla. I will certainly purchase if I can get this one working.


    • I think you are in localhost. So it is not possible by us to review the problem. If possible please send us screenshots of the module parameter section. You can email us at support[@]rswebsols[.]com

  5. Hello. I purchased RS Cool MP3 player last night. I was under a lot of stress to get something going by morning and when I did not get immediate access to my download I kinda flipped out on you. Sorry about that. A couple of hours later i got the link but it was too late. I am used to getting my Dload link immediately after paying.

    Any I have the mod working for a single mp3 perfectly. But I am trying to add more and they don’t work. I get a “sound cannot be loaded ” message. The strange thing is that is plays this one mp3 file fine. No others. If I rename the mp3 file then it will not play it but as soon as I change it back to the original name it shows up again. I even tried setting to “no cache”. Very strange. Can you help?

  6. Hello

    I Install your Player on Joomla! 2.5.19 Stable. I configure the Modul, but i see the Modul not on my Site.

    I put in the Menue the Button Autoplay on, and the Music its running.
    The Problem it’s that the Player on all Browser Google,Opera,IE on Windows and on Linux many too running, but newer on Firefox. I try it on Linux and Windows and on diverenz Computer, its funktion but not with show the Modul. What I can do, because its the best Player what I found !!!!

    Greeting from Germany


  7. Hi Souvik

    I have checked that all parameters are right but the song can not be played. I am using Joomla 3. Anything goes wrong?

    Best regards


  8. Hi,

    I have a problem with RS Cool MP3 player on my website in the latest Firefox (on Mac OS X).
    In Safari and Chrome it works just fine, but the whole thing is not showing up in Firefox.

    Any thoughts?


    Albert Jan de Boer

  9. Hi.

    The plugin looks great but I have problem with song playing. I already put player on my website and url of the song is 100% correct becouse if I copy the url to my browser it plays song normaly. But when I hit play button on player on my website nothing happen. What could be the problem?

    I use joomla 3.0 and last version of player.

        • No that is not a problem. The problem is we can not able to review the problem on your website. So it is difficult to find out a solution without reviewing the problem.

            • Please email our support team along with the screenshot of the module parameter section. Also collect the front-end source code from browser, save to any text file and send that also. Email at support[@]rswebsols[.]com

  10. Please forgive me – I cannot find the module parameters you show in your screenshots. I installed in on a Joomla 3.2 site and I’ve open the module and there are a few settings, but I cannot see where to change the background color, auto play option, etc.

    What am I missing?

  11. hi.
    I have a problem. when call this module in article, the current song is downloading and not playing online!
    i want, the my song be play no download.
    can you help me?!
    thanks a lot.

  12. This flash-based mp3 player works really well, is easy to customize, and is simply all-around fantastic! But I’ve noticed an increasing percentage of visitors are using iPads and iPhones, which do not support Flash. Do you have plans to migrate to html5? If not, can you recommend a way to provide a good experience to visitors using non-flash browsers?

  13. Great module! I used it in Joomla 2.5 and it worked perfectly. I am now using in Joomla 3.1 in an article to play 4 songs. 2 songs load and can be seen in the article and work well. The other two do not show up. Can please you suggest a solution?

    • For the other 2 may be the song URL is entered wrong or may be there are some other minor misconfiguration. Please check it carefully. Otherwise you can email our support team along with the screen-shots of your module configuration parameters. Email at support[@]rswebsols[.]com

  14. Hi,

    nice job, but I do not understand how to make it work. Ok, I am setting correctly the settings as you describe in the module part. But how I am including an mp3 player inside my article?

  15. Hey,

    this is a great module! Thank you a lot!!

    I would like to ask you if it is possible to play one song in a loop so that the music is not stopping after finishig the song.


  16. Is is possible to have an external file to put those Artist-names and mp3-file names, ’cause I have few people, who will be uploading speeches in to our site and I really don’t want to give them admin rights?

    Or even better, is it possible, that the program would get the artist-names from mp3-id-info and mp3-file-names from the actual file names in the directory?


    • Unfortunately the option you are looking for is currently not available. We will surely think about this option in our future update.

  17. I have installed the module but it is not showing up. It is on the right side of my website. If you give me your e-mail, I can give you admin access.

  18. I have everything but the player doesn’t show up! Funny thing is when I set the player to autoplay, then the song plays! So I know it is installed correctly. Please see my site. The module should be underneath Song of the Week. If you give me your e-mail, I will give you super admin access.

  19. The player plays my mp3 file, but instead of displaying the wave form, it blinks rapidly from white to black. Is this a known issue? Any clue on how to resolve this? Thank you in advance.

    • Additional info: this seems to be happening in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera. However, everything looks perfectly fine in Firefox.

      • Edit the module and set the following:

        1) Use Exact URL : YES

        2) Exact URL : Your Website URL

        Then test your website and let us know the status.

        • My mp3 files are stored remotely on, what URL should I use? The kiwi6 URL, or the one from my website? Or should I store the music files on my own host for it to work properly?

        • Well, I tried both options but they just seem to hide the module altogether. My website is run locally on xampp for now, so I’m not sure I provided the correct URL format. Should it be something like file:///E:/xampp/htdocs/Joomla/ or without the file:///?

          • You need to host your mp3 files in your own server. This can play songs from external server but the visualizer may not work properly. So we will recommend you to host your files in your own server.

  20. Hi, I would like the song to continue playing when I click on the next page and not start from the beginnig every time I click on something. Is there a way to do that?

    • Unfortunately in your case our module will not work. Instead of our module you can search some other background mp3 player plugin for Joomla.

  21. I’m getting “This file is too large to upload” using Joomla 2.5 but my maximum file size is set at 30mb. The mp3 files aren’t that large. Does the module have a limit or is it a joomla configuration problem? Thanks!

    • Yes, this is a Joomla configuration problem. If you have FTP access then we will recommend you to upload large files using any FTP software (instead of using Joomla Media Manager). This will be faster and much more easy.

  22. Hi, first time excuse my english, because I speak just a little bit.

    I installed RS Cool Player, I work with Joomla 2.5. It work good but …. I can’t publish it on my home page. I can on the others page, but I can’t on my home page and it’s on this page I need it.

    Do you have an idea for me … I tried a lot plug in and modul, but I’m unable to do that I want.

    Thanks a lot

    • You need to set the “module position” correctly. Please set the proper “module position” that can display a module in home page. Also please set the “Menu Assignment” for “Home Page” properly.

  23. Hi,

    I have installed RS Cool Mp3 Player v 1.2, i can’t find the auto repeat feature, you can activate it or you intend to put it in a later version?

    Thanks for now,

  24. Dear Souvik,
    I just upload rs cool MP3 Player (with Filezilla, because install with Joomla: no XML-file) BUT I cannot see the module.
    Can ypu tell me what was wrong?
    Thanks for now,

    • May be you are using wrong version of module with wrong version of Joomla. Please recheck it once again and use Joomla installer to install the module.

  25. I’m having many articles where mp3 files have to be played… Will using so many modules will reduce the site’s speed? or it can cause any other problems?

    • If you show too much modules in one single page then the page speed will reduce a little bit. But you can create as many module as you wish and this will not reduce the site speed.

  26. I’m using joomla 1.5.I want to upload my audio file and use this player to play this audio. How can i do that? I also want to place this player at the content page. not as the side menu. I hope you can help me to solved this problem.

    • Although our module support thousands of special characters, but still it not support all. So it may not work for your language for now. We are trying to fix this. Will let you know once fixed.

  27. The plugin works great on 1.5 but does not work at all on 1.6+ I really like the player and would like to use it on my 1.6+ sites. What plans, if any, are there to update the module?