Future of Software Engineering | Trends, Predictions for 2021 & Beyond

Will AI replace software engineers? Well, not in the nearest future. The algorithms need time to become mature enough to pair humans in creating quality code. Yet, there will definitely be more robot-jobs done by machines. What is left for humans? We will cover this and other questions in this outline related to the future of software engineering. You’ll discover: An overview of the current trends in software development. A list of the most demanding engineering fields in the future. Interesting facts about software engineering. Insight about the future jobs of software engineering. Let’s start our journey to figure these …

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Tips for Self-development as a Remote Software Developer in COVID-19

The year 2020 has seen one of the worst outcomes as far as economy and development is concerned. The world has seen all-time lows in terms of GDP and economic progress, which holds true for almost every country. But as the popular phrase says, there is a brighter side to every coin; the pandemic era has brought about a new dimension in employment and work culture. Yes, work from home was never such a popular term before 2020. Stay remote, stay safe, and do your work- these are the three ideas the world lives upon since COVID-19 flashed its venomous …

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Most Popular Frameworks for Building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

With the rapid change in the world of technology, web applications are continuously evolving. While the native applications were widely used previously, the popularity of progressive web apps (PWAs) is increasing in the present scenario. The high adaptation of these apps is what makes them stand out. The progressive web apps can easily adapt to a number of devices, platforms, and hardware. Moreover, the SEO friendliness of these apps is increasing the demand among corporate organizations. In comparison to native apps, progressive web apps are quick to install and highly responsive. It can also enhance the engagement rate as well …

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Top 20 GIT Commands to Start With

As you might know, GIT is a distributed-version control system. The engineers use it for tracking changes that have been made in source code during the process of software development. If you are a developer, particularly if you are just getting into the profession, you must learn a few of the more useful GIT commands. Let’s look at the best GIT bash commands about which you should learn. For Setting Up the Project: An Explanation of GIT Prompts Recommended for you: 5 Brilliant Free Apps That Will Help You Learn How to Code. GIT INIT Let’s say you’ve just created …

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Using API (Application Programming Interface) in Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is growing consistently and it is attracting several new players into the market every month. With so many apps that need to be integrated, it is becoming quite diverse from a technology point of view. There are several challenges in the integration of diverse apps. Application Programming Interface (API) is offering an ideal solution to this problem in affiliate marketing. API is nothing but a set of diverse tools and protocols which allows different apps to connect with each other through JSON or XML. APIs are widely used all across the internet and you can’t even notice it. …

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Best Programming Language for iOS App Development

The process of building an iOS application can be hectic. Whether through outsource or not, there are various decisions you must make for the development to be swift and seamless. One of these decisions is the programming language to code the iOS app in as there are countless available options like python, C++, Swift, Objective-C and many others doing great even in the outsourcing world. In this article, we will explain the best programming language for developing an iOS app. Requisite for Developing an iOS Application The gadgets of Apple (iPhone, iPad, iWatch) have become the zenith of tablets and …

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What Is PyCharm? Why It’s Become Mandatory for Python Programmer?

Nowadays, many programmers are opting for Python to create applications with a clean, readable and concise codebase. Custom software application development can also be accelerated by taking advantage of several IDE (Integrated Development Environments) for Python. What Is PyCharm? PyCharm is a cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE), designed for Python programmers. It is meant to accommodate all the tooling that is required to enhance the productivity of a Python programmer. It includes code compilation, syntax highlighting, Project navigation, database tooling, and a programming text editor to leverage web development. Just like Python, PyCharm is one of the most widely used …

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Laravel vs CakePHP – Which One is Best for Web App Development?

Laravel vs CakePHP – Which One is Best for Web App Development?

When it comes to technology, it helps in reducing your labor work, minimizing the efforts to perform a task and enhancing productivity by offering advanced support. As we already know about the world of mobile is reaching the peak of the world. The mobile phones have gathered such brilliant apps that can easily perform the entire essential task. All the services offered by frameworks Laravel and CakePHP. They are the most preferred development frameworks and extremely high in demand these days. PHP is the most looked platform for developers when it comes to creating a dynamic website or building high-end apps. Utilizing PHP …

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Event-Driven Programming: Why Is It Trending Now?

Event-driven programming (EDP) is changing the world of software development services and becoming part and parcel of today’s development. Its spread was stimulated by Windows and the dissemination of visual RAD environments. As its name suggests, the programming approach focuses on events. The latter may be user-initiated, systemic, and program-generated. The most common areas of EDP application today include the creation of GUIs, server apps, and multi-player game development. Unlike old-style programs controlling the user’s options and predetermining the flow of events, more adaptive and innovative programming came up with a graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI changed the human-computer …

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14 Ways to Improve Your Data Visualization and Presentation Skills

Everyone debates about the benefits of “big data,” understood as the process of collecting massive amounts of data and its instant examination to find “hidden” information. Data, data, and lots of data, but the best data in the world is useless if people can’t understand them. There are new professional roles such as the data analyst, who collects and analyzes data. But its purpose does not end there since it must then present its analysis to the end-users who will understand and going to work on that data. That’s where data visualization comes as a critical discipline that should need …

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