FAQ – RSFlashion (In order to view this object you need Flash Player 9+ support!)

Extension Name: RS-Flashion | From: xristina xristina: I saw the post with the same problem but you’ve told him to look at which is a page not found. I’m also sure I’ve put the correct image folder which is “images/stories/slideshow/”. Can i know how do i fixed this? Thank you in advance!! Support Team: Thanks for your email. This is a most common issue and it comes if you miss-configure the module. Can you please send us the screenshot … Continue Reading…


FAQ – RSFlashion (step by step instructions for first time user)

Extension Name: RS-Flashion | From: Nicki Nicki: I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to upload pictures to the RS-Flashion I just installed for my web page. I have tried to look up support for this but have not had any luck. I am looking for step by step instructions (first time user). Support Team: Thanks for your email. Please read this documentation (step-by-step instruction) first and try it: If you still have any configuration … Continue Reading…

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