Recommended Practices for Boosting eCommerce Product Pages Sales

So, you have an eCommerce website, and obviously, your main aim is to dial up your sales and get traction on each and every product page of yours. But is that really happening? Guess not. Because what is really happening is that when a visitor visits your site, he or she wanders around a lot on different pages, without generally making up his mind for his for final purchase of the product. Are we right? Well, this is because you miss on that oomph, that stickiness factor, which is a compelling enough reason for the buyers to opt out of your product pages. So, what should you exactly do to stop this from happening? Here’s our list of top practices for your eCommerce product pages so that you climb up the road of sales.

Display big images with multiple angles, 360-degree views, all aesthetically shot:

This is really important as it is your product image, which is going to communicate the features of your product visually. Hence, taking care of minute details like high-resolution of your image, if it is zoomable, and if it has videos of the product in use gives your product an extra sales edge. Also, do not forget to keep more white-space on the product page to minimize the visual complexity while encouraging the overall view of the design-heavy product in its full glory. As GoDaddy mentioned on their tips,

“One of the main problems with online shopping is that customers can’t touch your merchandise. While there’s still no way for you to give them the ability to feel the fabric or test the durability of your products, you can at least let them view items from various angles.”

Recommended Practices for Boosting eCommerce Product Pages Sales

Present the option of live chat to customers:

Giving live chat option to buyers is like sealing the deal! Wondering how? Because it is only the live chat option that can improve a site’s conversion rate by ironing out all sorts of last-minute doubts and apprehensions of the buyer. Not only this, a live chat can help you with updating your product pages through valuable feedback given by visitors.

Give your product a unique, SEO targeted description:


Never, and by this, we mean never, ever use the manufacturer’s product description. This is because not only is that repeated information is providing no valuable insight into the product, but it is also viewed by search engines as duplicate content, hence Google might just never index you. Take the opportunity of writing product descriptions and give your readers one-of-a-kind, compelling and unique sales copy. Also, make use of long-tail keywords that contain three or more words so that Google indexes yours faster.

But make sure not to stuff keywords irreverently in your content. Quality content is more important than stuffing keywords. Take the words as Digital Monopoly mentioned on their blog post,

“Instead of stuffing your content with irrelevant keywords and hoping that it will increase rankings, focus your efforts instead on content that provides value to your visitors.”

Writing compelling Metadata is a must:

Your writing genius just shouldn’t stop at writing long product descriptions! Make sure that you write catchy meta titles and meta descriptions that include your star keywords. This will help with boosting on-page optimization aspects in SEO and will make for a persuasive call-to-action.

Make use of trust badges to gain confidence:


This is particularly important in today’s era as more and more online fraud websites are on the rise. Therefore, it has become all the important to add trust badges to impart a message of guarantee and safety to improve conversions. For more interesting facts and figures on online security read this blog.

Your call-to-action should be prominently visible:

This is because the moment your buyers sets his or her mind for buying the product, your ‘buy now’ or ‘add to cart’ button should be seen then and there. The moment the buyers sways away from these buttons only in a pursuit to find them, it might delay your sales or in some cases can even put the purchase on hold. Try different types of variations, because when you get it right, you can understand the growth in sales like RIPT Apparel did.

Go guns blazing with customers reviews:

Whether your customer reviews are good or bad, if you have them we say, flaunt them. Because only when you have your reviews openly displayed, you have your credibility established in the eyes of the buyers. It also presents a social proof to prospective buyers. In fact, from an SEO perspective, only the product pages that have more customer reviews get higher pages ranking in Google because of fresh, new and unique content.

Negative Feedback may harm your business

Make your website navigation intuitive:

Now for understanding something like this you will have to understand the deeper psychology of your buyers. How they perceive your product matters and what more you can do to add to it. Remember that your eCommerce architecture gets to have a direct impact on your sales.

Cross-sell popular and somewhere linked products:

This is imperative because most of the users who are wandering around your website often aren’t very decisive when it comes to which product to buy and which to add to their ‘favorite’ section. By displaying products of similar style and price range, you are just helping the customers to widen their search and make between and well-searched decisions.


Revealing an estimated shipping time is a must:

This tip is particularly important for websites that sell products as a gift for special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries. Late shoppers would anytime prefer having peace of mind that their orders will arrive in time. An estimated shipping time also does away with ambiguity related to what the customer should expect. By meeting and even by exceeding these expectations, you tend to create a level of trust and loyalty with the buyer.

Optimize your pages’ load speed:


If your page isn’t loading within anywhere between 1-3 seconds, then it is more than likely that your visitor or prospective buyer is going to leave the page. This is even more important to take care of when you have a mobile or tab versions of your website. It is only by fixing these top five coding issues that you can optimize your age load times and even see a boost in Google rankings.

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