8 Unbelievable Facts about Apple Touch Phones You May Not Know

What are some surprising facts that you know about Apple iPhones or about the company itself? Maybe you know some apps that allow your phone to have cool functions like becoming a scale. Or perhaps you know about the epic failure of Apple maps trying to replace Google maps. Either way, here are the top 8 unbelievable facts about Apple and their iPhones:

All iPhone Advertisements Have One Thing in Common

10 Unbelievable Facts about Apple Touch Phones - Point 1The display time of iPhones in these advertisements are always 9:41 or 9:42. Is it just a coincidence?

Turns out there is a good reason for this. Scott Forstall, who was a former Apple executive said that their product launch begins at 9:00, and they arrange things, so the big iPhone reveal happens 40 minutes into the presentation. So at 9:40, there will be a big image of the iPhone that appears on the presentation screen and they want the time shown on that image to be similar to the actual time.

The reason Apple set it at 9:41 and 9:42 is they realize they won’t be able to hit the exact time.


Apple is More Mischievous than You Might Think

10 Unbelievable Facts about Apple Touch Phones - Point 2In 1990, they named a computer after the famous astronomer ‘Carl Sagan‘. He wasn’t happy with what they did, so he sent them a ‘cease-and-desist’ letter to offer them an easy way to stop the activity.

Apple listened to the letter and changed their computer’s codename to ‘Butt-Head Astronomer’. This made Carl Sagan sue them for defamation, which he lost.

Then, to add insult to injury, they renamed the computer to ‘Lawyers are Wimps’.

Apple and Samsung Work Together Behind the Scenes

10 Unbelievable Facts about Apple Touch Phones - Point 3Despite a series of (on-going) lawsuits between Apple and Samsung over some patent infringements, they still rely on each other very heavily behind the scenes. Samsung provides Apple with the majority of its A-x processors, which powers their devices.

It’s clear that Apple is trying to veer away from relying on Samsung, but there is no sign that Apple will stop purchasing its processors from them. What’s interesting to note is that Apple has opportunities to buy the processors elsewhere, but they choose to rely on Samsung. This leads people to conspire about things happening behind the scenes between them.

They’re Also Getting Free Advertisements

10 Unbelievable Facts about Apple Touch Phones - Point 4With a large company such as Apple, there are many instances where they receive free exposure, but one particular moment saved them millions of dollars. It was in 2011 when Apple products (such as the iPhone, iPad, and iMac) appeared in the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.’

Their products appeared for nearly 8 minutes of screen time, and this was estimated to be worth $23 million dollars. Apple didn’t pay a dime for this.


Apple Can Monitor You

10 Unbelievable Facts about Apple Touch Phones - Point 5Researchers have found secret files on the iPhone which tracks user location as well as the WiFi you are connected to. The data which is stored on your iPhone is unencrypted and can be accessed by anyone with access to the files. According to Apple’s terms and conditions, this is 100% legal.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to turn off the tracking since it’s built into the OS, but there’s an option to encrypt your data so no-one can access it.

On top of tracking your location and WiFi, if you use the app ‘Siri,’ then Apple may also record whatever you say and store it up for two years.

The First Touch Screen

10 Unbelievable Facts about Apple Touch Phones - Point 6On June 2007, Apple released their first iPhone to the public. Can you guess when the first touchscreen technology was invented?

The answer is way back in 1971! The touch screen technology was invented by Sam Hurst and was known as the elograph. Unlike today’s touch screens, the elograph wasn’t transparent, but it was a huge step forward in touch screen technology.

The first transparent touch screen that came out three years later and Sam Hurst also developed it. It took over 40 more years until touch phones became mainstream. During those 40 years, touch screen technology has come a long way. According to iThingum, the 40-year journey was a rough and bumpy one, but the iPhone was only possible with multi-touch ‘capacitative’ screen technology.


The Amount of iPhone Sales is Absurd

10 Unbelievable Facts about Apple Touch Phones - Point 7It is estimated that approximately one billion iPhones have been sold since it was released in 2007. That’s enough iPhones to supply to 1/7th of the world’s population. In 2013, 411,000 iPhones were sold each day.

Ronald Wayne

10 Unbelievable Facts about Apple Touch Phones - Point 8Three people in 1976 founded Apple: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Just eight months later, Ronald Wayne ended up selling his share of the company back for $800. Nowadays the shares would’ve been worth well over $35 billion dollars.


10 Unbelievable Facts about Apple Touch Phones - conclusionDo you have your own cool facts or stories? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

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