Month: June 2022


How to Get Ahead of the Crowd in Video Marketing for Millennials?

Millennials are a new kind of generational animal. Born between 1980 and 2000, they grew up fully immersed in a digital way of life. There are almost 100 million millennials worldwide, and they are now entering their prime spending years. If you want a slice of that pie, you dare not ignore video marketing for millennials. In this article, we’ll list why digital and video marketing is so successful among millennials. We’ll also discuss the principles for video marketing success …

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8 Best Tips to Manage the Fraud Risks for Your Business in 2022

Our business world is facing a growing abundance of fraud risks, especially online. Criminals are becoming more creative every day despite our efforts to prevent them from stealing data. The risks are still high for businesses of all sizes, and it is more important than ever to learn how to detect and prevent fraud before it decapitates our brands. What is fraud risk management? If your business has digital channels, which is very likely the case these days, you are …

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7 Best Ways to Find Balance Between SEO and Web Design

The true nature of the friction between SEO and Web Design tends to get less foggy as we begin to grasp what they are all about, how they collaborate, and the point where they more often come into disagreement with each other. For that matter, we need precise definitions, which do not lead us astray in wordy descriptions, of these widely celebrated practices. SEO is a practice of writing content that serves the ambitiously sought-after purposes such as the quality …

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