Month: February 2022


How to Manage Your Marketing Operations as a Small Business Owner?

Whether you own a restaurant, a photography studio, or an online fashion store, you are going to need to promote your business to your potential customers. But with tight schedules and logistics, managing marketing on your own can be difficult. That is why most small business owners decide to outsource their marketing operations to an agency. This helps them to focus on what they do best. But what if you don’t quite have the budget or intent to outsource your …

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10 Excellent Content Writing & Analysis Tools for SEO Blog Writers

Content writing is writing for the web for marketing a product or service. It should not only rank in search engines but on the first page of the search page. It should have visibility, readable, engaging, grammatically correct, and free of plagiarism. SEO tools make the content visible in the search results. These tools help SEO content writers in writing content that is rich in information, precise to the point, and able to deliver the idea to the reader. Bloggers, …

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Video Marketing in 2022: The Most Exciting Video Marketing Trends to Look Out For

In the year gone by, 86% of businesses revealed that they use video as a key marketing tool in their business. This revelation suddenly established video content as a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Today, video marketing is being deemed as the marketing of the future, and the trends are rightfully so. The fact didn’t escape the existing as well as up and coming businesses as 92% of marketers revealed that they consider video marketing …

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The Best Website Fonts and How to Choose Right One

From the color scheme to fonts and title design, every small detail matters if we are talking about a big digital project like your website. The usage of different fonts and font effects can bring both a negative and a positive impact on your users, and it’s entirely up to you whether it will be positive or negative. Balance, a harmonical way to connect all these details into one well-organized creation, is of paramount importance for every digital designer.  Fonts …

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Why Blockchain is Important for Software Developers?

Blockchain technology is becoming more prevalent with every market cycle. As the popularity of cryptocurrencies grows, so does their acceptance by the mainstream public. That said, blockchain is far more than just a vessel for cryptocurrencies. The technology itself has been deployed across various industries, such as supply chain, healthcare, and decentralized finance, among others. Assets like gold, company shares, and NASDAQ indices can now be tokenized and traded on the blockchain — over 2,000 of such assets are now …

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How to Optimize Your eCommerce Checkout Process and Reduce Cart Abandonment?

E-commerce website owners based in the United States spend approximately $23.50 billion on digital ads every year to drive more traffic to their sites. The average conversion rate, however, hovers around just 3%, which considering the enormity of the investment isn’t very encouraging. One significant contributor to this low conversion rate is shopping cart abandonment. This causes eCommerce stores to lose up to 75% of all sales. When combined with the poor investor sentiment and general fear from the public …

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6 Types of Content to Stay Away when Building a Corporate Social Media Brand

There are well over three billion active users on social media. Therefore, a digital presence is essential for your brand to attract and retain customers. Your company understands the importance of creating unique and compelling content on social media. But, are there some topics that will get your brand the wrong kind of attention? In this article, we will discuss the importance of social media as a tool to build and maintain your brand image. We’ll also list the 6 …

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Tips to Ensure You are Compliant with Online Laws

Staying compliant with online laws might seem expensive, but according to Insights For Professionals, a single non-compliance issue costs companies an average of $4 million. Meeting compliance obligations is one of the most challenging tasks modern businesses faces, especially those operating online. As an e-commerce business owner, you must comply with local and international online business rules relevant to your industry. Moreover, you need to meet regulations, like consumer data privacy, website accessibility, and electronic transaction processes. To ensure you …

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Ultimate Guide to Data Lifecycle

In the current age, data is an indispensable resource to business growth. However, there are several elements and factors involved in maximizing data. All these elements culminate in the concept called data lifecycle. From collection to usage, data requires quality, diligence, reiteration, security, etc. Furthermore, tracking becomes increasingly complicated as companies get more access to (critical) data. Also, as data volume increases, problems in usage, storage, processing, etc., arise. Big data then comes into the picture, blowing the issues and …

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GetProspect Review – A One-Stop Solution for B2B Lead Finding

When a business wants to take its lead generation to the next level, it can use the automated email finding and validating software from GetProspect. GetProspect is a lead finder tool that lets corporations make email marketing strategies, work on cold emailing and LinkedIn prospecting. GetProspect is a 100% legit software tool to find LinkedIn email addresses and also emails from other corporate websites. Importantly, it helps b2b managers to work on their sales flow cycle and get successful leads …

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