Month: June 2018


Digital Phone vs. VoIP Phone Systems – The Pros and Cons

When we talk about the inception of phones, we mean the analog system. Think of those voice circuits in copper wires and the voices that emanated were the result of electrical signals. It has been fairly recent, at least a few decades or so when the digital phones made their foray into the market and people have got accustomed to them. In terms of the present explorations and use, digital phones have now taken a backseat, as they are comparatively …

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5 Excellent Android Video Editing Apps You Should Consider

If you are looking for best video editing software for your Android device then it is the time you should visit Google Play Store. Here, you will find abundant video editor tools for your Android device with a number of useful features and effects. You can use these smart solutions for instant and effective results to improve your video quality. Let’s discuss some of these effective tools here. 1. ActionDirector Video Editor: ActionDirector is powerful video editing & video recording …

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5 Referral Marketing Strategies All Mobile App Developers Should Consider

Whenever we launch a mobile application, we remain excited to see the mobile app download rate touching the sky. We wait for the users to reach our app page and hit on the ‘Install’ button like a kid waiting for his turn to have a candy. Isn’t it so? But, have you ever wondered what makes them download your application? How they land on your app when there are 1000s of alternatives available on the app store? How do they …

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10 Actionable Social Video Stats All Marketers Should Know in 2018

Nowadays, nobody can deny that video has already been crowned as the absolute king of content.  What is more, by 2019 video is expected to account for 80% of all global consumer Internet traffic. Social media certainly fuels this exponential growth with an increasing number of views on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Your brand can’t miss out on the opportunity to establish a meaningful conversation with your audience, to show your product’s unique features and build up brand awareness. …

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5 Blog Traffic Boosting Tips: How to Get People to Read Your Blog?

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time designing a blog, writing content, and publishing, only to review your analytics and notice that the only clicks are from you and your mom. Launching a blog is one thing, but if you want it to be successful, you need people to read it. The Basics of Boosting Blog Traffic and Readership If you’re serious about attracting readers to your blog, you have to understand the basics of how digital marketing works in …

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eAngel Review - A Proofreading, Spelling, & Grammar Correction Service

eAngel Review – A Proofreading, Spelling, & Grammar Correction Service

In professional writing, it rarely happens that emails, notes, and write-ups are perfect and have no glitches. For fixing up such issues, ‘eAngel’ is one such help at hand that can deliver outstanding results in the shortest time possible. A tool that’s not exactly a Grammar Nazi but helps achieve high quality and professional look for the final product is what is all about. Brief Overview A 24/7 service meant for desktops and smartphones, the eAngel proofreading, spelling, and …

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13 Best Image Hosting & Sharing Websites You May Not Know

If you are searching for some good and renowned image hosting and sharing websites then here we are listing some of those websites. Along with the name, you will get to know some of their highlighted features which are making them the top 13. So, knowing after their features and detailing sections, it might help you to take a decision which will help you to make your work of image uploading little bit easier and safer. 1. Imgur: Imgur is very …

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7 Occupations Irreplaceable by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A large number of Americans would jump at the opportunity to do something else for a living. Going through the motions of performing the same tasks every single day of the work week for what feels like an eternity can get pretty boring. These days, we rely on frequent stimulation and tend to lose focus without it. As businesses and industries count on our manpower to sustain profits and keep growing, human beings are indispensable to the economy. So where …

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Top 5 Ultimate Payment Gateway to Choose in India (2018)

ECommerce business is at all time high globally. They have created a financial discipline and survival. However, the questions that are still to be answered. Which payment gateway suited the best for my business? How to choose the best one for your online store? How do they charge per transaction and all? With evolving technology, several brands and startups have started building their orders and accepting payments with a variety of payment gateway. It is no wrong in saying that people …

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6.18 Mid-Year Sale on GearBest - Cool Down with Offers & Discounts

6.18 Mid-Year Sale on GearBest – Cool Down with Offers & Discounts

GearBest is one of the highly sought after online platforms where you can find a wide range of items at a highly attractive price. This online store is known for launching occasional offers during which you can buy your favorite products at a highly discounted price. If you missed 11.11 sale of last year then here is another opportunity for you to grab several items at an amazing rate. The has already started and you can check out the list …

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