Monthly Article Digest - April 2018 - RS Web Solutions

Monthly Article Digest – April 2018 – RS Web Solutions

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SJCAM SJ8 Pro 4K Wi-Fi Action Camera

The SJCAM SJ8 Pro 4K Wi-Fi Action Camera Review [Presale Started]

A few months ago, there was rumor flowing in the market that SJCAM is going to release a modern SJ8 line of action camera very soon. The news was true! Now it has become quite obvious that SJCAM is actually launching the SJ8 series as the presale of SJ8 pro has been already started. The SJ8 series will include three different types of action cameras and every piece has its own features. Out of these 3 masterpieces, is considered as one of the most remarkable versions which has got all unique features to compete with the latest models of GoPro … Continue Reading…


Understanding the Role of Case Studies in Online Marketing

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your online marketing efforts and improve conversion rates, you may consider adding case studies to your content marketing efforts. While they may seem clinical and dated, they actually speak to prospective clients and yield a number of tangible benefits. Why Case Studies? Today’s customers are connected. The growth of the internet and the explosion of mobile devices means they have access that wasn’t possible in previous decades. If they want to find information on a particular topic, it’s just a Google search away. Within the context of business, you have to recognize that … Continue Reading…


4 Ways Cloud Technology Can Improve HR Management

Technology is an integral part of business success. Every department from HR to Finances will benefit from the correct use of technology – it helps departments be more productive and cost-effective. In today’s world of technology, the go-to technology is cloud computing. For the HR department, cloud computing can provide improvements that ripple across the business. In the latest Global HR Technology Survey by PwC, businesses showed their commitment to implement cloud technologies across the HR department. Overall, 73% of businesses had migrated their HR processes to the cloud in 2017. This number is going to continue its upward projector, … Continue Reading…


Why You Need Experts for the Digital Side of Your Business

In today’s digital age, more and more businesses are reliant on technology in order to continue operating smoothly. Form reliable web hosting services through to superb web design services, there are many tech services that businesses require in order to enable them to compete with their rivals. The good news is that there are also many providers that offer these services, so developing the digital side of things for your business should not be a problem. You need to think carefully about the digital services that you need and also the providers that you use to provide you with these … Continue Reading…

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

10 Future Proof SEO Tips from the Experts You Should Follow

SEO changes constantly and year in, year out we see what once worked stops working. Future proofing your strategy is important. We asked a number of in the know marketers and SEOs with real sites of their own what they think is and will work now and in the future. Here are their thoughts: 1) Paid Adverts As we all know SEO doesn’t start to create traffic overnight – Google is a big and also a slow beast. Advertising your assets, whether via PPC or Facebook adverts can not only get the traffic in when you’re awaiting your pages to … Continue Reading…


4 Excellent Ideas to Create Stunning Above the Fold Content

Even since the early days of the Internet, site visitors have applied strict criteria to how content is delivered. Even on dial-up connections, it was important, from a marketing perspective, to get a visitor’s attention almost instantly. With today’s high-speed connections and advancements in both content creation and delivery, the pressure to capture someone’s interest within the first few seconds of clicking through to your pages is even greater. And in this context, the importance of above the fold content comes very significantly. What Does Above the Fold Content Mean, Anyway? If that term is new to you, it’s one … Continue Reading…