Monthly Article Digest - January 2017 - RS Web Solutions

Monthly Article Digest – January 2017 – RS Web Solutions

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10 Elements of a Modern Website to Achieve a Better Conversion Rate

At the end of the day, the word “Conversion Rate”, I believe, is the ultimate criteria for any website owners. So improving it and maintaining a steady growth is always a must-to-do task for improving the revenue stream of your business. Well, in that case, the improvement and enrichment of the user experience of your website have an enormous and direct impact on your website conversion rate. A perfect design can do a miracle for your site to convert. Here I am discussing ten very essential elements that a modern website should include in their design to make the site … Continue Reading…


Try These Key Points to Protect Your WordPress Website

In the current situation, security has become the most important concern for WordPress website owners. Some say that since it is an open-source script, it is shown to all kinds of crimes. That is not true. Even though if it is true, you cannot accuse WordPress of that reason. It is own responsibility to keep the websites defended and protected. Here, I am going to concentrate more on tips & skills with that you can protect your WordPress website’s admin. As you know, security is thoughtfully critical. So situation informed other website owners to increase the safety of a WordPress … Continue Reading…

Google Local SEO

The Rulebook of Website Optimization and Rank Boosting with SEO and Web Design

Most novice web designers approach SEO awkwardly, like an alien from Area 51. Many of them also believe that web design and SEO are completely independent of each other. It is absolutely possible to find an SEO expert who solely focuses on onsite SEO like creating keywords, header tags, Meta tags and Meta descriptions, completely ignorant of the parameters of website designing. On the other hand, web designers are hardly even known to bother with SEO as their buck stops with optimized designs that meet the expectation of their clients. Only recently has there been enough emphasis on the interdependence … Continue Reading…


7 Cost-Free Lead Generation Techniques for Startups

Every business requires fresh leads. Even business owners who are confident that they can do well without attracting new leads need fresh leads. Counting on an existing client database is unwise unless you are a well-established company. If you are not yet well-established, but eager to ensure your business’ sustainability and reach higher heights, in the long run, you need to get serious about lead generation. If you are the owner of a startup business, you may not have a large enough budget for doing all of the necessary search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, analytics, or even social media marketing, … Continue Reading…

Cloud Security - Public Private Hybrid

Provide Data Security Over Cloud-Based Services to Fight Against Security Challenges

The ‘invention’ of the cloud has been a revelation to so many industries. Yet for many people (be they enterprise or private), they still do not have a full understanding of what the cloud is, never mind how to protect anything stored there. Talk to someone who does not really use technology. And they just cannot grasp the concept, perhaps it is the word cloud that confuses things. “So all the data just kind of sits in the sky?” “It doesn’t actually go anywhere?” However, let us put it into the basic language. Effectively, cloud storage is just another way … Continue Reading…


How to Manage Storage Space on Your Android Phone

Android devices are used to perform the range of tasks. It eventually accumulates a lot of data on the device. Over time this data gets cluttered and unorganized affecting device speed and performance. Thus the requirement for managing this data arises to deal with cluttered and unorganized data. To deal with it, you can do the manual cleaning and management of your device storage space, or you can use certain tools to do it. There are many ways/steps available to manage your storage space efficiently. Let’s discuss some of these steps here. Find space-hogging apps & files: To do this … Continue Reading…

programming code web development

7 Tips to Create a Bug-Free Environment for Developers

Every application that’s developed will have bugs. That is a simple truth every developer must know. However, as a developer, the best way to reduce bugs, security issues, and errors in your application is to create a bug-free environment. It can help in the development of a stable, secure and reliable application, translating into more satisfied end users and clients. When you set up a bug-free environment, you are able to ensure that everything works right from the very beginning. Here are 5 steps you should take to create such an environment for web or application development. 1. Use Proven … Continue Reading…


9 Current Web Development Trends to Look Out For In 2017

With 2016 coming to an end, the question in many designers’ minds is: what will define web development in 2017? In the recent years, the worldwide web has become an integral part of life for many. People use it for almost everything including reading news, banking, and shopping just to name a few. The demand for web development is only going to increase, and this means that the scope of what web designers and developers can do is limitless. That said, here a few of the latest trends in web development that will be big in 2017. 1. Internet of … Continue Reading…


Top 8 Online Live Chat Tools / Software to Use in your Website

Have you ever noticed a “Live Chat” button while visiting any website? Or maybe a small box suddenly popped out from the bottom corner to letting you know that an agent from that site is available live to help you with any of your queries? Although you may not feel to use these live chat sessions often, but this will surely grab your attention all time. Also, in general cases, this makes you confident about the website and their service. Several previous studies show us that the live chat option helps to increase the conversion rate of any website enormously. … Continue Reading…