Month: November 2016

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10 Best Practices for Data Security in 2016

Data security failures cause significant damage to a company. The level of harm caused determines the extent of ruin. It might go as far as forcing businesses to close down. The non-compliance with regulations has made data security quite a big deal. It is the duty of a company’s information officer to ensure the privacy and security of the company’s customers’ information and, most importantly, the company’s data parse. Contrary to the public perception that hackers are the leading cause of data breaches, as they are portrayed in movies, the greatest threat (namely the way these hackers get their information) …

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10 Mind-Blowing Skills That Every Designer Should Have In 2016 & Beyond (Infographic)

Are you looking to master the art of web designing? Well, developing the following skills will help you be the web designer that you are striving to become. Let’s take a look. 1. Basics Of Design If you are a web designer who wants to take the domain by storm, then you need to master the basics of design. This includes spacing, the flow of the website and use of colors. If you use the colors correctly, it can help in enhancing the user experience. The flow of the website is what determines whether it is hard or easy to …

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Importance of SEO Marketing for Startups (Infographic)

The primary goal of SEO marketing for startups is to attract prospective clients to the startup’s existence, mainly through its website, and to turn those potential customers into paying clients, thus boosting revenue. However, there are many great features demanded of a useful site. All of which can be provided by successful SEO strategies and SEO marketing. First, mobilized, localized, and socialized content on a website is imperative. Make sure the site displays correctly and can be easily navigated on all mobile devices. An ever-growing majority of consumers will likely access a website through such devices. Make sure the content …

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8 Common Misconceptions About Outsourcing (Infographic)

A lot of companies today are looking for new ways to expand their business and turn their day-to-day operations more streamlined, while at the same time save time and money along the process. With that, numerous companies have found outsourcing as the primary solution to address this issues and achieve their organizational goals in the ever-increasing competition in the market. However, there is also some businesses that went downhill all because they held up to some misleading ideas about outsourcing that made their entire business messed-up. Just like any other industry, outsourcing has never come short of misconceptions that can …

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7 Hot & New Xiaomi Gadgets for this Christmas from GearBest

I am back with seven new Xiaomi gadgets that will rock before this Christmas. You can buy these devices from . I have handpicked three smartphones, a keyboard, a mouse, one earphone and a Bluetooth headset for this list. All these products are promising and definitely lead on the recent market. 1) Xiaomi In-Ear Hybrid Earphones Pro: The first one of this list is an earphone. Xiaomi Hybrid Earphones Pro will cost you approximately around $35.00. In this earphone, Xiaomi has used dual dynamic plus balanced armature drivers which will generate a solid bass along with clear and natural loud …

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WordPress or Joomla? Tips to know what will be the best for you.

This question is faced by many businesses that need to decide the functionality and simplicity of the website. Both of them can be used to create awesome websites and are widely used for different types of them because they are amazing content management systems that offer great functionality and design. To the user with insufficient experience, both of them can be really similar because all of them use plugins, themes, template, and has a community that develops new products for the systems. Even though they share many similarities, both WordPress and Joomla have distinct differences that will be used here …

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How to Use Content Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Business

The world evolves quickly, and so does the market. A few decades ago, people had to deal with their businesses without using the internet. Can you imagine what that means? The communication, the transactions, and all the software and tools that we have nowadays weren’t possible back then. With time, the e-mail came in Google, Facebook, and so we evolved. Today’s businesses of all types and forms use the available technology to improve their revenues and gain awareness. And why shouldn’t they? Being able to communicate in such useful ways with people from all over the world is a great …

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Learn How to Fortify Your Website with These WordPress Security Tips

When it comes to keeping your website safe, don’t leave it up to WordPress to take care of it for you. The truth is no matter how many updates and security patches WordPress makes to its core; your site can still be compromised. Just check out the latest report from Sucuri, and you’ll see what I mean. If you want to take care of the health of your website (and your brand), do your due diligence and cover your site’s security from all angles. 20 Ways to Enhance Your WordPress Website’s Security Just one hack or breach can result in …

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GPS Tracker: A Nightmare or A Savior?

The GPS tracker or Global Positioning System connects the two entities that are miles away. Is it really a nightmare or a ray of hope? Well! It all relies on the usage. If this real-time digital concept is in the right hands, then it can transform the phase of the entire world. On the flip side, it can come up with the disastrous outcomes, if it is used adversely. But, the favorable part is that the pros surpass the cons. Satisfaction! Safety! Straight-up Story! These 3 Ss are straightforwardly congruent to the GPS trackers. How? Simply, a locator will get the appropriate …

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6 Ways to Improve Self Service on Your Website

Customer service is undergoing a massive revolution. Thanks to the presence of mobile devices, nearly universal internet access, easy online searching, and the avoidance of traditional customer service methods, most modern customers prefer to help themselves when they face problems, rather than rely on email, phone calls, or other methods of support. But not all forms of customer self-service are automatically effective; you need to optimize the types of support you offer your visitors if you want those visitors to keep coming back (and stay loyal to your brand). The Benefits of Self-Service First, let’s take a look at the …

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