Month: October 2016

The New Elephone S7 4G Phablet - Feature Review

The New Elephone S7 4G Android Phablet – Feature Review

This article is about the new smartphone from Elephone, which they have named as . I will try to bring before you all about this phone with its full specification and details. We already heard about this brand called Elephone, we all are aware of this company very well. Elephone has already proved their quality before with their old products. We have also previously reviewed their action camera called EleCam Explorer Elite. So now let’s start with their brand new phone. 1. Design & Display: If you look at this Phablet, you will get simply amazed the way they have …

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clickmeeting webinar review

ClickMeeting Review – A Brandable Smart Webinar Software

ClickMeeting is the name of software which is very well known for their smartness as well as brandable webinar organizing software. Right now as per the year 2015 ClickMeeting has already completed in making 394,106 meetings and webinars, 9,975,289 hours of meetings and webinars and 10,062,987 meeting and webinar attendees, which will be roughly more than the entire mass of the population of New York City. Not only that they have been successful enough in making more than 80,000 satisfied customers in total 92 countries. So it is a commendable and thinkable point, why ClickMeeting is successful in making so …

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Top 5 Mobile Marketing Automation Tools for your Marketing Strategies

A mobile application is your golden ticket to reaching a vast audience. Nowadays, smartphones have gone beyond just being useful tools for communication. They are a valuable source of information and entertainment for their users. So, opening a marketing tap here will generate you an impressive new wave of prospective clients. However, before applying your mobile marketing strategies, you should accessorize them with some intuitive marketing automation features. These will help you collect insights about your mobile users and automate the analytics of messaging and user behavior. So, let’s take a look at the top five mobile marketing automation tools. …

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origem wireless bluetooth bulb speaker featured

Origem Wireless Bluetooth LED Light Bulb Speaker – Feature Review

It is a very exciting product which I will be reviewing for you all guys. It is a single product, but it serves two purposes simultaneously. The first purpose is to spread light to your room with the help of its LED bulb. And secondly, it will assist you in listening music through the help of the inbuilt wireless Bluetooth speaker.  is a fantastic product which comes in a very stylish design. So let’s start to share all information along with its specification. 1. Design & Main Features: It is a white color model with the capacity of serving both …

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Invest Now or Suffer Later

In a competitive business environment, no longer restricted to confined office space and leaflets, websites play the biggest role in connecting the business to its target audience. In that regard, Search engine optimization (SEO) comes forth as a blessing for internet aspirants. Growing demand and the deep-reaching set of benefit are surely reasons for many companies to outsource their SEO deals, but off-shoring to any other SEO agency just ‘cause their rates are cheap comes forth with its’ downsides. Quite often, businesses receive emails from a myriad of outsourcing companies who dearly promise to boost their business’ search engine visibility. …

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Top 10 Wireless Charging Devices for your Smartphone (2016)

You may own one of the best newly released smartphones out there, but what good is it if its power can’t last for a day? How can you keep your mobile device juiced up if you’re always on the go, and a power socket is nowhere in sight? Thanks to innovations in wireless charging technology, we might eventually bid the mad hunt for power outlets (and the untidy charging cables) goodbye. However, not all wireless charging products are created equal. Some are portable; others are bulky. Some are safe; others are not. Some can charge faster; others are slower. The …

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Android Developers - Android Development

Surge in Popularity of Android VPN Apps Hardly a Surprise

A few years ago, you’d only find a few virtual private network (VPN) apps on Google Play Store. Today, Android’s official app distribution platform boasts a wide array of options. There has clearly been an emergence of a new market that is looking for a technological solution to counter the pitfalls of the internet, namely hackers, snoops, data invasion, online restrictions, and more. More and more new VPN apps like FalcoVPN and similar are entering in the Google play store each day. Now the surge in demand for free Android VPN apps may have taken you by surprise, but if …

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Ever Wondered About Salesforce and Cloud Computing? Read This!

One of the fastest growing Information Technology (IT) trends is Cloud computing. Over the last 10 years, there has been a monumental shift from traditional, locally hosted software to software hosted on the Internet. Cloud computing has already been integrated into business computers. It is now being adjusted so that mobile devices can get in on the action. Traditionally, the software had to be installed in the in-house machines at businesses and organizations. It would be installed on each machine or in a server. This was time-consuming and even expensive. A whole team of technicians was required to secure, run …

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Selling Digital Products with EDD plugin - Easy Digital Downloads

Selling Digital Products with EDD plugin: These 6 Websites will Inspire You

If you’re aware of the market trends of eCommerce industry, you’ll know that WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin that turns WordPress into a powerful eCommerce application, with a massive market share of 37%. However, when it comes to selling digital goods, Easy Digital Downloads is the preferred plugin over WooCommerce. Why? Though it’s totally possible to sell digital goods with WooCommerce, the problem with WooCommerce is that it is bundled with lots of unwanted options and features a digital goods store will never need. So every time you create a product on your store at the backend, you’ll …

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Social Media: It’s a Small Digital World After All

Businesses must think smarter if their marketing efforts are to reach as many of the right people as possible. Think of targeting potential customers rather than relying on a shotgun strategy that simply names your product to a large number of people, whether they are interested or not. Social media is a great way to get your message out and interact directly with potential customers who may, in turn, either help make or break your business with online reviews. Today’s internet is so vast that you not only need online marketing strategies, but you also need reputation management plans. A …

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