Month: June 2016

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Animated Explainer Videos in your Online Marketing Strategy

A good video can express thousands of words and also engage visitors very easily. Instead of a written document, a visual presentation is always much more attractive and easy to sink into viewers mind. Along with the popularity of videos, the video marketing is now becoming a very effective strategy for online marketers.  And here it comes the importance of Animated Explainer Videos. An Animated Explainer Video can be your perfect idea to promote your business to the whole world. By this article, today we will know all about the Animated Explainer Videos and how we can implement it in …

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12 Great Tips to Make Google to Quickly Index Your New Website

Not many online marketers and SEO experts know exactly how Google’s indexing algorithm. To make it short and crisp, here in this article, I will not elaborate any technical aspects of Google indexing methods, but rather focus on the techniques and best practices around the subject. I will only list out all points that we need to follow in time of releasing a new website. The following points will definitely help your new website to get indexed quickly by Google as well as by other search engines. 1) Adding a blog to your website: By adding a blog to your …

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Content Marketing Idea: Turn 1 Idea into 2 Months of Marketing

Sometimes you’ve got a great idea and you really don’t think one post will do it justice, but you don’t have the time to turn it into an actual book. As a result, the idea ends up floating around in the back of your head, always tantalizing but never unusable, until you’ve found somebody else has beaten you to the punch. In that case, it might be time to consider serialization. Here the idea it that you create a series of posts, based on this one concept and then stretch it out over a few weeks, possibly even a few …

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Xiaomi Mi5 4G Smartphone - Feature & Specification Review

Xiaomi Mi5 4G Smartphone – Feature & Specification Review

Xiaomi has launched another beautiful smartphone which is filled with lots of attractive features and much more improved from its predecessor models. All the Xiaomi smartphone lovers will definitely go to overjoy with this latest upgraded model . Let’s see its features and specs in detail: 1. Display & Design: Let’s start with the design of Mi5. The entire phone is built in a metal frame using premium 3D glasses with a curved design at the edges combines very ideally along with its metal frame. Mi5 comes with an elegant 5.15 inches capacitive screen with a super resolution of 1920×1080 …

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Security: 5 Things You Need To Know

If you have been wondering whether the cloud is truly safe, then it’s time to fully understand the bigger picture before jumping in and signing up to whichever platform appears to be the best. Looks can be deceiving and when it comes to protecting your personal data, you need to be completely satisfied with the level of security provided by the cloud, before you hit the upload button. One of the most common conversations that you will overhear at any business lunch once cloud computing is mentioned is the debate over how secure it actually is. Conflicting opinions with regards to …

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Best iPhone Apps of 2016 from Different Categories

App Store is now filled with millions of apps, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it has made it quite difficult for iPhone users to find something that would pique their interest. Although sites like CNET and TechoMag offer some help by reviewing apps and highlighting their pros and cons, they don’t exactly do a great job of narrowing the options and helping a person know at a glance which apps to download. Knowing that we have singled out five of the best iPhone apps in different categories and provided brief reviews for them so that you don’t feel …

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8 Tips for Designing Widgets Which will Boost your Conversion

Widgets are applications that can be embedded in a website or mobile app so to add an extra function to it. They can be commonly seen in the form of calendars, clocks, contact forms, or search fields, but their possibilities are unlimited. And if you are creating a website or a mobile application and wish to integrate widgets to it so to boost your conversions, you will need to take some things into consideration as you will see below. Despite their simplicity, widgets need to have their function and design carefully analyzed before their development, so to ensure that they …

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How to Become Better at SEO in 2016 (Infographic) - Featured

How to Become Better at SEO in 2016 (Infographic)

The digital world is changing and evolving at a very rapid pace, and the norms that have worked and is applicable before no longer have the same impact today than it does a while back. This applies to all aspects, including the behavior of search users and all other attributes that affect Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Some might be saying and spreading the wrong notions that SEO doesn’t have the same powers and impact it had on the search just like what it did before. Don’t get swayed by all these and know for a fact that SEO is still …

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Storytelling – It Engages and Persuades

The Aflac Duck; the Geico Gecko; Flo from Progressive. It’s difficult not to know who these characters are. Not only are they all over TV, but they have their own Facebook pages. They are the “mascots” of three major U.S. insurance companies, and, while consumers tend to ignore most ads, they tend to stop and watch these. Why? Because every ad is a story of the adventures and exploits of these three. Now these three mascots represent a pretty boring industry – insurance. It’s hard to get consumers excited about insurance, and marketing it has always been a challenge. Traditional …

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Trends Shaping eCommerce in 2016 and Beyond

Mobile domination will clearly be at the forefront of eCommerce in the coming years. A discourse on the trends shaping the future of eCommerce sales would be incomplete if we don’t speak about the evident intensification of the mobile era. As per reports, mobile eCommerce sales crossed a hundred billion dollars in the U.S. last year. The figures marked a major improvement from 2014 when mobile sales totaled a tad above 75 billion dollars. Mobile eCommerce has charted an equally promising trajectory in other parts of the world, besides the US- as well. Asia, in fact, experienced faster growth than …

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