Month: May 2016

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25 ECommerce Conversion Hacks to Make the Best of your ECommerce Venture (Infographic)

They don’t refer to the internet as ‘virtual world’ without a reason; in fact, it has evolved to be a whole world in its own might, one which continues to grow indefinitely ever since the first ever web page went live in 1991. Tim Berners-Lee, the mastermind of this project, could never have imagined his brainchild to turn into something as dynamic, as alive and as thriving as it is now. As of now, the total number of web pages on the internet is somewhere between 47-48 billion and counting. What’s even more interesting is that 12-24 million of these …

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SEO Tips: A Guide to Future Proof Your Website

Marketing is one of the aspects of businesses that have gone digital and the situation is completely irreversible. This means that companies have to go out of their ways to ensure that they remain relevant and appeal to their customers on the digital platform. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the ways through which businesses have been able to take their place on the popular search engines. They make it possible for potential and regular often result from the use of proper SEO techniques. Since online marketing will still be in use for years to come, it is important …

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Shopify Review

Shopify Review – All You Need To Know

Shopify is an online platform where you can fulfill your dream of making and running a successful eCommerce store. They have established themselves in the year 2006 and from there till today they have already made more than 250000 active eCommerce stores. So I think you have already made an opinion how fast they have become so much successful and at the same time so much popular. All these successes have been possible due to their hard works and at the same time for their services which they are providing to their clients. This article will be a full review …

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12 Landing Page Design Mistakes You May Be Making

A home page is a landing page. It is the page that a visitor may “land” on after conducting an organic search on Google. And, if you have a single product or service and only one or two conversions you want from visitors, your home page may be the only landing page you need. But if you are trying to attract traffic from several sources and you are doing it by special offers and such, your homepage cannot and should not handle all of that. This and 12 other mistakes should be avoided as you create your landing pages. Mistake …

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Mobile App Development

The Secrets of Developing a High Quality Mobile App

The app stores are overcrowded with apps that are covering all genres and categories. If we only take the two leading mobile platforms- Play store and Apple’s App Store into consideration; the stats show 1.5 million apps on Apple Store and 1.7 million on Play store. This approximate calculation of available apps means the mobile app market is swarming already. As for apps; the advanced capabilities of software and hardware is making the mobile apps like never before. Leveraging on user demands and advancements, the developed apps are doing things that were unimaginable before. It might not sound inappropriate if …

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Mobile App Localization

10 Great Tips for Mobile App Localization

If you are a mobile app developer or a group of mobile app developers working for a leading mobile app development company, here’s all you need to know about mobile app localization. 1. Characterize What You’re Trying to Do App developers prompt that before you start, and particularly before you spend any cash, ask yourself for what good reason would you say you are limiting? More than likely you’re doing it to extend your client base and profit. In any case, it’s vital to do your statistical surveying before you make a pledge to confinement. You might discover the objective …

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Does Your Web D and D Get an A for Lead Generation? (Infographic)

Web design and development have an extraordinary role in an effective online lead generation. Many companies go astray by failing to appreciate the interconnectivity, taking (or not taking) design and development decisions without taking into account the impact on their lead pipeline. The Lead Generation Ecosystem infographic was created by Straight North, an SEO agency in Chicago to help online marketers, designers and developers see the whole picture. Two aspects of the infographic designers and developers should take special note of: 1) UX & CRO: Regardless of their source, all inquiries tracked through Internet marketing campaigns flow through the company …

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How to Transfer Data from One PC to Another

After the thrill of purchasing a new PC, the challenge of making it yours sets in. You must now find a way to transfer all of your old files from your old computer to your new computer. However, this is a task whose solution isn’t immediately apparent to everyone. Of course, there are well-known ways of moving data such as through network transfers, creating data disks and the use of removable storage such as flash drives. However, transferring tons of data is not only tedious but can take up a lot of our time, causing many headaches in the process. Luckily, …

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Power your Mobile Website with WordPress

These days, websites definitely need to be responsive and mobile-friendly, no matter what they may be about or what they contain. With the sheer number of mobile users out there these days, ignoring them would be hamstringing your website quite a bit, especially if a big chunk of your target audience happens are frequent mobile users. WordPress is known to be a very robust content management system (CMS) that has a balance between functionality and ease-of-use. Perhaps it’s no surprise then that WordPress is widely used for mobile-friendly websites all over the Internet, and you too can harness its power. Best …

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Top 6 Best Selling Earphones / Headphones on EverBuying

This article will be all about the best selling earphones and headphones that you can get to purchase from the popular shopping site . We all love to hear music and for that, we need to have a good quality and feature rich headphone or earphone. So I will be discussing 6 bestselling earphones / headphones which you can get to buy from These products cannot just enrich your music experience but also can be helpful for many related activities. The details of all the following products will be divided into few sections to get a clear idea about …

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