Month: April 2016

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Apps for Writing a College Paper

Anyone, even a Straight-A student, will start to dread when he or she finds out there is an essay due in less than a day. This definitely puts you in a shock and you start wondering how on earth you forgot about this assignment. Indeed, the fear of receiving an F may stagger you. But getting an F is only a possibility which can be minimized by maximizing your chances of receiving a good grade by simply using what today’s technology gives us in the form of various helpful apps. It often seems like there is an app for everything, …

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Security Vulnerabilities Internet Threats

The Many Ways in which SecureTeen Guards your Teens Against Internet Threats

SecureTeen can help your teens out in a lot of different ways, but its specialty lies in cyber safety. Available for download at, this comprehensive parental control solution boasts a ton of features, all of them designed to keep the internet generation protected from online troubles. If you have given this app a try, then you probably already know how fruitful it can be. But if you’re unfamiliar with it or still have a few doubts regarding its potential, then don’t worry because we have outlined the usefulness of this app and tried to explain how it contributes to …

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Top 12 Best Tools to Create your Own Well-Designed Infographics

If you want to start creating your own infographics, you might be wondering what the best tools available for this task are. As people are becoming more and more interested in visual resources, and tending to share this kind of content more often is understandable that you are looking for the top options here. And yet, infographics can take a lot of work, if you don’t know how to create them, or if you try to do it by using traditional tools, such as Microsoft Excel, Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. So, without making you wait any other second, let’s …

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eCommerce - Mobile Commerce

The Secret Formula to Successful eCommerce Content Marketing (Infographic)

Ready for a bold statement? Running a successful eCommerce store isn’t quite what it used to be. In the past, brands could create a website, get it hosted, toss a shopping cart up on the home page, and call it a day, watching as the sales rolled in. Now? Not so much. The thing is it’s not that eCommerce has actually changed; it’s the way customers approach shopping that has changed. Content Overload Burns Consumers Out Consumers now are absolutely bombarded with products, ads, and requests to buy. To many of them, the choices are overwhelming, leaving it difficult to separate the signal from the …

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Web Design - Web Development

5 Latest Web Development Technologies to Learn in 2016

Web development is one of the fastest growing fields in the technology sector. With the rise of new and powerful front-end development solutions, the scope of website building and user interface designing is growing quite rapidly. Today, we have a range of web application development frameworks, UI libraries, mobile development technologies and several new software applications in the market. These front-end frameworks and libraries allow developers to experiment with a range of new possibilities in diverse areas of web development. Currently, there is an increased demand for expert web and mobile app developers in the market. Web development is one …

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Wordpress Plugins

Top 11 Marketing Automation Plugins for WordPress

Wouldn’t it be great if marketers could automate the repetitive marketing tasks and personalize their content to every single one of their buyers according to their interests? It sounds too good to be true. But it is almost impossible to manually personalize the content of your website and marketing channels. However, with the right marketing automation WordPress plugins, you can A/B test what works best on your WordPress site and automate the repetitive marketing tasks. You can also use it to offer a personalized user experience on your website. In fact, studies show that personalized content performs 42% better than …

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NO.1 S5 Smart Watch Review | Heart Rate Monitoring | Remote Camera

These days smartwatches are creating huge buzz among the mass of people. I believe, this buzz is not only due to the excitement behind the launching of a new kind of electronics gadget in the world of electronics. Recent experiences and research are telling us that smartwatch is really serving us with lots of helpful activities. By the word “helpful activities” I mean to say that it is being found that smartwatch is helping us with our daily life activities and at the same time it is also helping us to keep ourselves healthy and fit from our existing busy …

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10 Reasons for Choosing WordPress for your Blogging

There are many people who ask what the reason is behind using WordPress for blogging. Well, there is not only one reason but there are many. But the answer can never be “because I love it”. It will not solve their queries. They need more information related to this and that is why asking. So, here are some of the reasons for choosing WordPress if you want to start blogging: 1: Free To Use It is absolutely free and that is the best thing about this WordPress. For getting premium themes and the plugins you have to pay but still …

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SEO Tips Techniques

5 SEO Techniques for Ranking in 2016

If you are going to start working on Search Engine Optimization for ranking your website, then you should prep up on some of the easiest ranking techniques that will get your products or services on top of Google search results. Driving large traffic to your business or personal website will require you to do many hours of research and planning to get started. Many times digital marketing enthusiasts are stuck on outdated techniques because employers don’t allow them to properly train themselves in using more advanced strategies due to time and resources. Therefore, we have done the research for you …

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How your Slow Website Burns a Hole in your Pocket (Infographic)

A mammoth 16% hit to your customer satisfaction rate is supplicating, to say the least. Consider an example of an eCommerce start-up that usually sprouts with a handful of employees or the founding members; every single penny spent would be with a view to generating desired value to its business. A wonderful team of technicians and top brains is the driving force towards putting together that unique product arising from a novel idea. The process that follows afterward and which largely typifies the success of the business is not easy to execute. The first step is to find a reliable …

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