Month: October 2015

iPhone Spy Apps

Tips for Monitoring Your Child’s Safety with iPhone Spy Apps

Our kids are delicate beings and require proper and steady attention on the hour. Keeping them safe is of paramount necessity. While we can’t always be close to kids physically, we could always stay close by and monitor them to make sure they are free from harm’s way thanks to rapid technological development. Since kids will always be kids and try to do what other kids do, go out to fun places, hang out with friends, and of course use social media a whole lot (which seems to be a growing trend), why not keep track of all their online …

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Negative Spacing

Keeping Negative Spacing a Positive Aspect of Web Designing

When it comes to rank a website there are several aspects that determine if the website is ready to be accepted by the jury online. That is the visitors, which contribute in the building up the visibility and rankings of your online presence. White space can be casually defined as the space or area spared by the content on the web page. It is absolutely free from text, page elements or multimedia content; hence it creates a filter that prevents the page from being suffocated. To show how negative spacing is held as a prime component is the modern website …

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ExpressionEngine - A CMS That Has The Potential To Attract Business

ExpressionEngine – A CMS That Has The Potential To Attract Business

For those who have absolutely no ideas about ExpressionEngine, let me tell you that it is nothing but a content management system software, which remains a powerful option for all kinds of business, when it comes to managing their websites effectively. There is no denying the fact that ExpressionEngine remains the first option for web developers across the world when it comes to developing and managing potentially attractive websites which talk about your products and services apart from describing your success stories and achievements. In other words, ExpressionEngine is a platform which helps web designers and web developers to craft …

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10 Facebook Plugins for WordPress to Attract More Readers to Your Site

10 Facebook Plugins for WordPress to Attract More Readers to Your Site

With more than 74 million websites using the WordPress platform, it’s no wonder that this CMS remains to be one of the most dominating one in the CMS industry. In fact, it continues to grow in popularity as the best blogging platform. However, in today’s social-media driven world merely having a WordPress powered blog won’t be enough to expand your reach to your audience. But, social sharing can help you reach out to your target audience spread across the globe. Social sharing is what increases the reachability of your blog; get the desired views, likes, comments, traffic, and all that …

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Creating an Ideal Website Homepage

Creating an Ideal Website Homepage

When creating a website, having a good idea of your website and, knowing how to best present it, are the two major considerations that any company or individual has to make. A homepage of a website is the most valuable tool for any website in any niche. Its impact on a company is the more important and greater than any other simple measures of other website revenues. Basically, a homepage is the face of your company to the whole world. When a new visitor lands in your homepage, the first impression that he gets from it will determine whether he …

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Top 7 Online Courses & Tutorials on Photoshop

Top 7 Online Courses & Tutorials on Photoshop

The internet brings a wealth of knowledge and information right into our front rooms, providing us with the ability to learn new skills whenever is most convenient. For those who are looking to learn more about web and graphic design, the availability of online tutorials and  courses means that it’s never been easier to use Photoshop and other associated programs, no matter how much experience you have had in the past. Of course, online learning isn’t right for everyone and there may be times when a classroom Photoshop environment is more suitable, particularly for those who are less confident with …

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Best WordPress Wedding Themes

25+ Best WordPress Wedding Themes

Are you building a wedding website using WordPress? Are you searching for a great wedding theme for WordPress? If your answer is ‘YES’, you are in the right place. Here we are listing some beautiful and most elegant WordPress Wedding Themes that surely fulfill your needs. Let’s see them below: Feel free to use the comment form below to share your thoughts, idea, review and/or experience to our community. We will be glad to publish your comments. You are also welcome to share this article in your social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn or in any other social …

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How to Setup S3 and FTP – The New Way to Upload/Download Data

Businesses love the way of software outsourcing as they can get maximum benefits from it. In today’s time, no one has enough time to invest in the job for which the person has acquired low or zero skills. Just like businessman, who knows how to do business but has lack of IT skills to secure their data on cloud. In this blog, we will share tutorial to set up S3 and FTP that will help businesses to store their data via cloud computing. We all have been aware of the power of Cloud computing these days. The most important of all …

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What's New With Magento 2.0

What’s New With Magento 2.0 (Infographic)

Magento 2 may have taken a while to get a beta release, but the recently revealed changes and updates to the original Magento system that it showcases clearly make it a must-have for old or new Magento users alike. Magento 2 basically retains all of the good aspects of its predecessor. It focuses more on making the CMS more user-friendly to users who are not too tech-savvy, as well as modernizing the entire platform, making it more mobile-friendly and amenable to third-party collaborations and integration. For one, it now allows users to work with a plethora of more advanced and …

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Top 10 Reasons Why PrestaShop is One of the Best eCommerce Platform

ECommerce is the current buzzword in the online world. To be precise, it is the current buzzword as far as online shopping and business is concerned. And the reason behind this is that almost all the existing business owners and new budding entrepreneurs are setting up their own online retail stores and selling their products and subsequently receiving payments for those products online. But for such an online retail store business to achieve success and monetary profit, it is very imperative that the store does not lag behind in any aspect, and provides the online shopper or the customer the …

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