Month: May 2015

Create Highly Converting Mobile eCommerce Website Using Magento

Today, the growth of online retail continues to increase. It might even seem that new online stores and retail portals are opening up all the time, even to a point where they are beating traditional stores in the amount of business they conduct. For this to be achieved, an online retailer demands a stable eCommerce solution and an eCommerce website performance optimization which will allow the influx of customers and their successful transactions. In this field, Magento represents an eCommerce platform specially designed for online retailers. With it, users have a significantly better chance of bringing customers in, especially in … Continue Reading…


Good to Know Linux Basic Commands

It is quite simple and intuitive to know the most useful commands of the Linux operating system. Like any other Linux user, these commands will be really useful for you and will let you know how to respond and on what. And if you are worried about how and up to what extent you have to remember the shortcuts in order to get completely functional with Linux? Relax! This write-up is written to help Linux users whether new or existing. Below is a list of a few important commands with brief overviews: Commands for Newbie cd – Changes directory clear – While … Continue Reading…

10 Most Useful Color Tools for Web Designers

10 Most Useful Color Tools for Web Designers

When starting a new project, one of the first things you need to do is define your color palette. If you feel uninspired and would like to easily test your color options, you can benefit from various color tools from around the web that will help you to quickly and efficiently create your color themes. Here’s a selection of top 10 web-based color tools to help you make great color choices that perfectly fit your projects. 1. Adobe Color CC This is a classic tool that used to go by the name of Adobe Kuler. Over the years it developed … Continue Reading…

WordPress Content Curation Guide - What, How, Plugins & More

WordPress Content Curation Guide – What, How, Plugins & More

Content Curation is one of the most discussed topics among professional bloggers and marketers these days. And why shouldn’t it be? Today’s users don’t have enough time to visit blogs and websites. Instead, they want everything at one place. Literally, they love being told what’s worth visiting, reading and sharing. Every day, millions of blogs churn out a huge amount of content which is obviously quite difficult for a normal reader to consume. That’s where content curation proves to be extremely useful. This blog post is written with the intention of clearing all your misconceptions about content curation and making … Continue Reading…

Monthly Article Digest - April 2015 - RS Web Solutions

Monthly Article Digest – April 2015 – RS Web Solutions

This is an article containing the monthly article digest of the month “April 2015” at RS Web Solutions (@rswebsols). You can easily find all our published articles of April 2015 in a ascending order by date. This is a monthly archive page to help our readers to give an easy-to-find list of monthly articles. Along with the article title, you can also able to read a short excerpt of each article. If you find an interesting article that catches your attention, you can, of course, click on the “continue reading” link to read the entire article. Happy reading!