Month: December 2014


9 Most Useful WordPress Plugins for Beginners

When I purchased my domain name to access, I had one wish was to have access to thousands of plug-ins that would make my blog super functional, I do not regret this choice, however, it is clear that in terms of SEO, you have to be reasonable about the number of plugins you use. The more you put, the more your site will be slower. So we will see some of the essential WordPress plugins and then, you can choose whether you will use them or not! 1. Akismet Akismet handles unwanted comments. At first, when you don’t have …

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Design an Impressive Website for Your New Business

In today’s competitive world, it can be a challenging task to maintain your businesses. Technology is increasing at a fast pace and it is important to remain in sync with it to attract your potential customers therefore new or small businesses are required to have a website to target their online audience. Diverting traffic to your business website is a slow process that requires patience to gain success. When it comes to website designing process, there are certain factors that are required to be kept in mind to design an impressive and user friendly website to increase the credibility of …

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Magento - eCommerce

7 Incredibly Useful Resources for Magento Developers

Owing to its impressive popularity, Magento is riding a wave of online marketing expansion by helping retailers around the world quickly plan, build and optimize their online channel with minimal efforts. The platform is making strides at the thriving community of developers who are actively learning the know-how of this PHP based platform and are embracing it for its openness, flexibility, and extensibility. Irrespective of whether you want to master Magento, want to make a career, or simply want to know about the painless ways of creating an extension that adds to its functionality, there are an array of Magento …

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WordPress Hosting by “A2 Hosting” – Up To 6X Faster!

Building an eye-catching website is not always affordable. But thankfully, we have some great options to cut down the cost. One of the best and easiest options is WordPress. WordPress is a free web development software solution you can use to build a high quality and stunning looking website. Importance of Choosing the Right Host: Building a website may be your priority, but an important decision you have to make is choosing the proper Web Hosting service. Speed and security are two important factors when considering a web host. If your web server is not secured (i.e. hacker friendly) and …

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Best Wordpress Plugins

5 Top WordPress Plugins to Get You a Mobile Compatible Website

Smartphones and mobile devices have become an integral part of our life. A large percentage of people now use their mobile phones or tablet devices for the browsing purpose. With more and more people making use of cell phones to go online or access information, it is extremely crucial for you to have a WordPress powered website which also caters to the growing needs of the mobile users. Otherwise, you’ll end up missing huge opportunities for generating leads. In this post, we are going to discuss about some relevant plugins that are available to make your site optimized for the …

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