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FAQ – RSFlashmatic (RS-Flashmatic not work in latest Firefox)

Extension Name: RS-Flashmatic | From: Oan Olsson Oan Olsson: Hi! I’ve just check your demo on the latest firefox and it doesn’t work. . I also use your extension in my Joomla site. How should I fix the problem. Thank you! Support Team: Thanks for your email. Which version of Firefox you are talking about? We just checked our demo page in the Firefox version 13.0.1. And it is working fine. Oan Olsson: Aaha… I’ve use Firefox the same version 13.0.1. But now I checked on another computer and it works fine. Do you have any suggestions why my firefox not show Rs-flashmatic? I’ve already reinstalled adobe Flash player11. Please see attach picture. Support Team: Clear your browser cache and try again. This may solve the issue. Oan Olsson: Hi again! Now i found the problem and the solution. I’ve just sent you the link . In case others have same problem with me, so you how they can fix this. Support Team: Thanks. TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedinPinterest

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10 Best PHP Directory Scripts to Build Your Own Directory Website

Prior to Google, Yahoo like search engines were created, web directories were the only source to the people to search out various information. They contained links to various websites and classified them in a manner that provided visitors to find the relevant information very fast, without putting much effort. Even though the expression Search Engine and subject directory often used alternately, but they are not similar. In the recent past, the utility and volume of the World Wide web has grown remarkably. The massive database of information have established useful to millions of people all over world, providing data access to developing or less-developed regions. However, few people knows the significance of web directories as it relates to individual businesses. Web directories plays a very important role to businesses who are trying to extend their exposure and draw attention to their products. Here are the 5 significant role plays by a web directory from the business point of view: Geographical Generation of target market Result oriented Traffic Sensible Relevance Real Sales Ratios Link Building Why Develop a web Directory? There are a lots of directories on the internet and there is probably room for a lot more in the future. … Continue Reading…


21 Most Essential WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress plugins are tools used for greater functionality of the WordPress platform. It is a free and open source blogging tool and a dynamic content management system (CMS) created on PHP and MySQL. Many features of WordPress includes a plug-in architecture and a template design. It is used by nearly 15% of Alexa Internet’s “top one million” websites and manages 22nd of all new websites as of August 2011. As per recent stats WordPress is the most preferred CMS in use on the net. People in general confused with and Whereas from you can download blog software, free themes, plugins, community mailing lists, support forums, and documentation. But they are only applicable to self-hosted blogs and websites using the software. However, plugins are not allowed at for several security reasons. Downloading a software from is free but it should be tested in a different server before being used in Mishandling a server may lead into a disastrous results and ultimate loss of your entire blog. In this article we will discuss on some of the essential WordPress SEO plugin without mentioning any serial number. Since each plugin has its own utility and feature we are leaving it on you to do more research and check … Continue Reading…