FAQ – RSMonials (Getting 404 Error)

Extension Name: RS-Monials | From: Joe Roberts Joe Roberts: Hi, I have been trying to get RSMonials working for some time now. When i install the component it works ok, however after a few days of using it, when going to the page i get Error 404 component not found. The rsmonials scroller continues to work, and if i add an rsmonials module in, it works ok, I just get the error when using it as a menu item (which is really what i need more than anything)… upon reinstalling rsmonials, it works again, but a few days later i get error 404. if i create a new menu item, it doesn’t resolve the issue also. I have had a good look around the internet and can’t really find any one else that gets this error. I am currently talking with my hosting also, and they have advised it isn’t an issue at their end… i hope you could help me, as what i have seen from rsmonials is amazing, and i would really like to get this resolved and start using it on my sites. Thanks Support Team: Thanks for your email. We think Search engine friendly url is enabled … Continue Reading…


FAQ – RSFlashion (In order to view this object you need Flash Player 9+ support!)

Extension Name: RS-Flashion | From: xristina xristina: I saw the post with the same problem but you’ve told him to look at which is a page not found. I’m also sure I’ve put the correct image folder which is “images/stories/slideshow/”. Can i know how do i fixed this? Thank you in advance!! Support Team: Thanks for your email. This is a most common issue and it comes if you miss-configure the module. Can you please send us the screenshot of your module parameter section? This will help us to find out the solution quickly. xristina: Thank you for your reply, I’m a newbie.. but I found your module extremely useful… Thank you in advance!! ###—4 ATTACHMENTS HIDDEN—### xristina: I forgot to tell you that when I had the site locally in my pc the module worked perfectly. And the problem began when the site was the internet. I hope that you understand what I want to say…:) Thanks once more! Support Team: OK, In that case can you please provide us the URL of your website where the error is coming? xristina: Yes of course, the url is ###—URL HIDDEN—### Thank you! Support Team: Yes, your problem is … Continue Reading…


FAQ – RSMonials (admin email don’t work)

Extension Name: RS-Monials | From: nikos nikos: Hi, i installed ver 1.5.3 rsmonial in joomla 1.5 but it doen’t sent the information mail to admin that there is a new post. I have set the “admin_email” Support Team: Thanks for your email. You can find there is another option at the end called “admin_email_alert“. You need to set this one to “true” to get the email alert. There may be a second page of settings, please check the bottom section of settings page. nikos: OK it works! Thanks a lot TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedinPinterest

rs flashmatic

FAQ – RSFlashmatic (Notice: Undefined variable: rsws_ret)

Extension Name: RS-Flashmatic | From: Juan Maltes Juan Maltes: Hello, I’m getting the following error after the instalation, the slideshow is working fine but the errors are being displayed on the front page and I’d like to take them out: Notice: Undefined variable: rsws_ret in C:\wamp\www\gestion\modules\mod_rsflashmatic\mod_rsflashmatic.php on line 20 Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance, Support Team: Thanks for your email. Just do one thing, you can find one file called “php.ini” in your server. Edit that file and set “display_errors” to “Off“. That’s all. TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedinPinterest